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WISKI: Advanced Environmental Data Management Software

Our customisable solution is your all-in-one data management system for managing time series environmental data

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Environmental time series data management with extensive analytics and reporting.

WISKI (Water management information system) is an industry leading water management information system, designed as a one-stop solution for all tasks in monitoring network management, data acquisition, monitoring and evaluation. Whether you work in hydrology, meteorology, groundwater monitoring, flood forecasting and alarming, water quality control, urban water systems or power plant and dam operations, WISKI offers specialist functions for any water management and hydrological tasks through simplifying daily workflows while delivering meaningful results.

This powerful software has been engineered to enhance the collection, management, reporting and advanced development of water networks from across the globe. This comprehensive software efficiently streamlines all tasks of the water monitoring process chain in one place: from data acquisition and storage, to data validation and analyses, to reporting and collaboration.

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What is WISKI?

Unlimited storage of monitoring data & metadata

Break down data silos and secure information for long-term access to a central source of truth to support operating and planning decisions.

Automated quality control & data editing tools

Validate and correct data values in bulk and review manually as needed for higher data quality to effectively manage resources and improve

Convenient analytics, reporting & alerting software

Calculate statistics and customised algorithms to report status and compliance, forecast events and alert to undesirable model scenarios.

Flexible enhancement to other IT systems like telemetry & GIS

Import and export with other data systems to maximise discoverability, use and sharing by various groups across your enterprise.

Key product features


Extensive scope of data

Ability to pull in diverse sets of data (environmental, water quantity, water quality, biological) at the same time into one central system giving you a better picture of what is happening all in one place


Intelligent integration capabilities

Can exchange data with any other software you have so you can either use this system as a central point of truth or integrate data into other data platforms to help achieve a seamless information flow or gain stronger and more reliable insights


Data sharing community

This system supports easy data sharing between entities so you can better coordinate and collaborate with your peers to understand the bigger picture beyond your borders


Robust calculation engine

Better developed calculations which enables calculations to be very simple to execute


Ability to process large volumes of data fast

With optimised data storage and processing, this system can process large amounts of data quickly so you can rely on not having to wait for this information


Handles historical, real time and future data

It can handle historical, real time and future data so you can do analysis, stay situationally aware and plan for the future so you can make the most optimal decisions

Scalable options to suit every customer

Due to its scalable nature, WISKI can be customised to suit both medium to large enterprises that want to manage data on a larger scale unlimited by the number of users and stations with an extended IT infrastructure, or scaled back to suit smaller companies that are looking for a comprehensive data management system but do not have a specialised IT infrastructure (WISKI Compact). It’s available in the cloud as well as on premise.

WISKI has provided our business with exciting opportunities to grow, new ways of working, find a new place for our ever expanding and infinitely varying data archives and to shed old restrictive routines/software.

System integration lead, Natural Resources Wales

Key product benefits

  • Futureproof your environmental monitoring & reporting system

    Futureproof your environmental monitoring & reporting system

    Consolidate data from multiple disciplines: hydrology, meteorology, water quality, soil science, and ecology. An evergreen IT design ensures a high level of information security and long-term access to continuous and non-continuous datasets.

    This historian supports an unlimited number of measuring stations, parameters and observation variables, raw and processed data values, and metadata. In addition WISKI helps process many thousands of SCADA tags, ensemble data, raster data, and biological sampling and taxonomies.

    User interface options support casual users as well as power users, while web services facilitate compliance reporting, customisable scripting as well as GIS analysis in third-party platforms.

  • Recover time & engage staff in problem solving, not troubleshooting

    Recover time & engage staff in problem solving, not troubleshooting

    WISKI standardises and automates routine processes in data management. From import to data quality assurance to performing complex calculations, the system features an extensive library of commonly used formulas and eases tasks consistently achieved by IT.

    Conveniently correlate monitoring and discrete sampling events with water chemistry information and biological assessments and indices. From collection to receipt of laboratory results, track bar codes, fulfillment of lab orders, and the total chain of custody. Incorporate bioindicators to control lab costs and evaluate ecosystem health over a longer period of time.

    Maximise employee retention and minimise turnover. Recover time and recruit your best assets to fully engage in understanding observable trends, making improvements, and identifying opportunities.

  • Efficient operations, maintenance and resilience

    Efficient operations, maintenance and resilience

    Data visualisation is at the core of the user experience. Graphs, charts and dashboards optimise data analysis, presentation, and collaboration. Customised colour-coding, symbols, and favourite folders in addition to extensive filtering, reporting and alarming options help users quickly read data, from extreme values to areas of interest.

    WISKI captures extensive amounts of metadata to provide convenient access to images, videos as well as monitoring device serial numbers, manuals and history. Trace the calibration, use and lifecycle of sondes and probes over time to increase confidence in the data.

    Utilised by the largest water monitoring networks and water utilities, WISKI ensures stability and reliability. KISTERS developers and technical support providers focus on the lowest frequency of system failure and the highest resilience. Process and system analytics ensure system health when 24-hour operations are imperative.

  • Configure your own system to meet present & future needs

    Configure your own system to meet present & future needs

    Mix, match and configure modules to meet your distinct needs now and as new needs emerge. Intelligent design of WISKI gives organisations of all sizes options to affordably expand their data management system with the growing coverage area of their monitoring networks and types of monitoring programs.

    Sensor brand agnostic telemetry and data acquisition settings accommodate all makes and models of equipment used to monitor surface and groundwater, water quality and quantity, continuously or seasonally.

    APIs enable the integration of open data, information from data sharing partners, and custom scripts developed in-house or by consultants to enrich your context for making decisions and making regional impacts.

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