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Environmental Consulting

We handle your projects in urban water management, municipal civil engineering, infrastructure development, and hydraulic engineering & management.

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Fundamental Solutions

We know from experience the complexity of the challenges our customers face every day. We are committed to providing a wide range of solutions to support your projects. We combine our expertise in environmental engineering, software and market knowledge and work closely with you to ensure that you get workable projects in terms of documents, plans and construction support. Our solutions don’t just look good in theory – we make sure you’re ready to go.

Our expertise

  • Environmental Protection & Technology

    Protecting the environment is a key issue of our time. The goal: A world where people and nature exist in harmony.

    Environmental Protection & Technology

    We are innovators, but also optimise existing solutions. Our collaboration with you should drive the connection between people and the environment, create habitats and living spaces for a brighter future. Your ideas and our expertise will help facilitate a better world tomorrow.

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  • Customer Focus

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We deal with our customers at eye level, put ourselves in their shoes, and deliver what they expect, when they expect it.

    Business team work process

    Customer Focus

    With our many years of experience, we are familiar with the issues and viewpoints of our customers. We seek mutually agreeable concepts and solutions that advance your business interests, but also consider the conflicting demands of economy and ecology.

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  • Viable Solutions

    We keep an eye on the interests of all stakeholders, the actual situation and on costs to ensure that your plans remain viable.

    Viable Solutions

    We love to think and work big. As a result, it is important for us to always keep an eye on the specific framework conditions of projects. That is how we can offer solutions that are realistic, viable and affordable – in short: solutions that make sense. We want our visions to improve the world long-term.

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  • Efficiency thanks to modern tools

    We feel strongly about saving resources. That is why we do what we can to ensure that you get the best possible results using the least possible resources.

    Efficiency thanks to modern tools

    Efficient processes require the right tools and methods. Being a modern software company, we ensure that the tools we use for our engineering services are always state-of-the-art. That premise applies to specialist software like CAD/GIS and simulation programmes just as much as to our state-of-technology hardware environment.

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We believe in the flexibility of water data management to unlock the potential of cross-cutting information systems. That is why we have been delivering successful water data management solutions for over 30 years.

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