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Chart digitisation

Digitise your paper charts and gain valuable insights into historical data whilst saving resources for storage.

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Enjoy a range of benefits when you use our paper chart digitisation service.

We understand just how important it is to preserve historic hydrometeorological observations that were created using paper charts. Our digitisation services allow us to convert your old environmental paper records into digital and shareable formats – freeing you for more storage, giving you easy access to these records from anywhere and protecting the longevity of these vital records over time.

From scanning the charts, identifying the information drawn on them, correcting suspicious values, and filling data gaps – our digitisation service does it all for you. Plus, we make sure that what was recorded on paper will be available to you in your favourite data management system.

Benefits of chart digitisation


Gain better insights from your historical data

Gain greater insights through the digitisation of historic hydrometeorological observations as the technology behind the digitisation of paper records allows you to view newer observations and insights.


Avoid losing data records and minimise storage costs

Digitising paper charts preserves the recorded observations for the long haul and allows you to easily access and process in digital format, while minimising or avoiding storage costs.


We’ll do it for you

At KISTERS we offer an end-to-end data digitisation service, from collecting your paper charts to providing you with validated data right in the digital format you prefer.


Effective data validation

We use trusted automatic algorithms and manual checks to find and manage the digitised data for outliers, repetitions, and data gaps – This means your data remains as effective and accurate as possible


Manage data all in one place

Once digitised, you can manage, prove, and analyse your now digitised historical data in one place – one of our trusted data management solutions which saves you time and effort in having to manage multiple sources.

How it works

With our help, digitising your paper records is a straightforward process:

Inventory your paper charts
We’ll pick them up and then scan them
Our AI identifies the recorded data
Our automatic validation assesses data quality
Your ‘new’ historic data - gone digital - is ready

Key product features

  • Scanning of large quantities of charts

    Scanning of large quantities of charts

    We can efficiently scan thousands of paper charts of various formats, even if they are meters long.

  • Automated identification of the recorded data

    Automated identification of the recorded data

    Our AI-supported identification scheme reads the records right from the scans.

  • Effective data validation

    Effective data validation

    We identify suspicious or missing data for you and can correct it as well.

  • Review your data against the paper charts

    Review your data against the paper charts

    Compare the digital data with the scans using our handy online tool and gain confidence in the results.

  • Manage the data straight from inside KISTERS software

    Manage the data straight from inside KISTERS software

    The digitised historical data is provided in a format that can easily be imported into our leading environmental data management solution called WISKI.

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