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Grid Control Technology for Smart Grids and EE Integration

Efficient grid control and operational management

As a distribution system operator (gas, district heating, drinking water and wastewater), you must ensure supply security for end consumers in the context of critical infrastructures. The requirements for IT security and the integration of renewable energies or controllable consumers in low voltage networks are increasing.

You need capabilities for effective, reliable, and market-appropriate monitoring and control, which requires automated planning tools.

Our field-tested ControlStar and ProCoS control systems ensure that you have your grid status at your fingertips all times, control the components safely and efficiently, and plan appropriate actions as needed. KISTERS control technology will help you improve your network management for more system efficiency, reliability, and network utilisation. Last but not least our solutions support with implementing the requirements of Redispatch 2.0 and the integration of the low-voltage level in accordance with German Energy Act (§14a EnWG).

Highlights Flexibilities management (§14a EnwG) [German] Redispatch 2.0

Your benefits


Reliable control technology for everyone

Our control systems are the result of decades of experience and expertise. Your benefit: specialised modules for your industry sector and market role.


The right modules for the job

You get exactly what you need: there are specialised components for e.g., redispatch, energy balancing, load flow calculation, optimal power flow, flexibility management and more ¬- and all of them integrate seamlessly into your existing system environment.


Cloud or on-premises solution?

Our control system can be installed at your data centre, or hosted in the cloud (KISTERScloud, AWS or AZURE)


Continuity to protect your investment

Cost-effective maintenance and constant adjustments to changing market conditions are a matter of course for us and will safeguard your investment long-term.


Top-tier IT security

You always meet the current requirements for IT security (KRITIS, IT Security Act, ISO 27.001) with our control systems.


We work in partnership with our customers to ensure practical viability

As a member of our user group, you benefit from our bundled expertise and directly influence the development of our solutions and services.


  • Monitoring & control of distribution systems

    Auf dem Dach installierte Solarpanels.

    Monitoring & control of distribution systems

    Our control systems cover all operational functions in distribution systems. Specific SCADA apps for OPF (Optimal Power Flow), load management, container management, topology and more are available for power, gas, and water applications. An alarm server alerts your field service personnel in case of problems.

  • Energy metering, load management and infrastructure monitoring in industry and housing estates

    Windturbinen in einer Berglandschaft.

    Energy metering, load management and infrastructure monitoring in industry and housing estates

    Our control technology solution includes energy data, load management, and infrastructure monitoring capabilities, giving you a comprehensive basis for the implementation of a DIN EN ISO 50001-compliant energy management system. With it, you can start optimising consumptions, and calculate and monitor key indicators to identify savings potential in your enterprise, optimise processes, and significantly improve your energy efficiency long-term.

  • Virtual power plants

    Schwarzer Hintergrund mit Lichtlinien.

    Virtual power plants

    Our control systems run large conventional power plants but are also a great solution for the integration of numerous volatile renewable generation plants into a single virtual power plant. It gives you the wherewithal to control those systems for direct marketing of the contained flexibilities or for primary, secondary, and minute reserves. It is your single solution for all processes in energy control, including communication with your transmission system operators, control of the plants, archiving and provision of the actual generation data for the verification obligation and billing preparation. Our Web solution offers visualisations of the systems in realtime and acts as your interface point with your external pooling partners.

  • Water & wastewater management

    Solaranlagen und Windturbinen.

    Water & wastewater management

    Our control systems are ideally suited for water and wastewater networks: They offer functionalities like container management, leakage monitoring, load optimisation, and logging of operational data from sewage treatment plants and stormwater overflow basins in compliance with ATV-H260.

    OPC-UA, IEC-104 or Modbus TCP drivers connect programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and telecontrol devices, while data loggers record the consumption in the various network zones.

  • Scalable solutions with open architectures

    Strommasten mit Wolken im Hintergrund.

    Scalable solutions with open architectures

    Our control systems offer the flexibility you need to suit your IT environment: they are scalable in function and size, run on Windows and Linux, and are based on an open architecture with a variety of standard interfaces for data collection and exchange at process level. As a web-based solution, these control systems also allow anytime access to your data and processes via mobile devices.

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