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About us

We develop environmental solutions that combine data and technology to give our customers the tools they need to make better decisions.

Engineering data-driven environmental software, hardware and IT solutions for 60 years.

Founded in 1963, KISTERS is an international environmental data and insights organisation specialising in the water, weather, energy, environment and IT sectors.

We focus on collecting, processing and reporting of environmental and energy data from all around the world, creating innovative and data-driven solutions that harness the power of data and technology. We’re one global team made up of 750 experts, engineers, scientists, inventors and developers from more than 30 countries across five continents.

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Success stories

From energy solutions to water quality or environmental consulting, take a look at some of our customer case studies that demonstrate how our products, services and expertise have helped our customers overcome business and environmental challenges.

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“We aim to live and value diversity, including the diversity of our business partners with whom we maintain long-term close relationships based on mutual respect.”

Klaus Kisters, CEO

Sustainability and social commitment

Driving the energy revolution, addressing the impacts of climate change and promoting the sustainable use of resources are the key drivers and motivators behind our work. The responsible use of the earth’s resources is ingrained in our philosophy.

Sustainability at KISTERS

Our partners

Throughout the world we work with a number of partners from different industries. Due to the nature of our business and our core values, our partners are not just our customers or clients, but an extended part of the KISTERS family.

Our partners

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