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Remote hosting

Focus on the data as we operate and maintain the data infrastructure

Mock-up of a KISTERS software application.

Cybersecurity, continuity and recovery

Second to our commitment to long-term data management is our commitment to the security of information – yours and ours. As we’ve developed environmental data management software over the past 40 years to help organisations improve productivity and increase self-sufficiency, we’ve also recognised an inequitable access to IT innovations and resources to manage those assets.

We are pleased to offer remote hosting to customers who may not have the resources to efficiently secure, maintain or update the requisite IT infrastructure as their needs change over time. We focus on maximum physical security and cyber threats and maintain backup routines to lower your risk of data loss. We also make certain servers are correct sized for your software applications and volume.

In addition, we’ve experienced the increased frequency of climate hazards like heatwaves, heavy rains and floods. Our cloud-based platforms ensure operational continuity and system recovery in the event of disaster.

Solution benefits


Get affordable access to ISO-certified services

ISO-level IT & infrastructure at a fraction of ownership cost


Safely access data from anywhere at any time

Use TLS And VPN to access high performing systems


Data confidentiality & integrity

Control list of authorised users & audit all activity


High performance via evergreening

We accurately align & evolve our ecosystem for efficiency


Maximum uptime & availability

Automated backups & updates are scheduled to prevent failure

How it works

When it comes to remote hosting, we ensure the process remains simple and straightforward.

Needs assessment
System design
Software installation & configuration
User training & go life
Technical support & data centre maintenance

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