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Forecasting and Optimisation

Solutions for the cost- and climate-optimised use of your energy technology systems

Optimised energy production, procurement and storage management, lower costs and increased energy efficiency

It has never been more important to make the most of conventional power plants, renewable energy plants and industrial generation parks – i.e. with the lowest possible costs, high profits and, above all: sustainably.
Energy companies must ensure reliable generation and supply, conserve resources, minimise CO2 emissions and participate in the market successfully.

There is optimisation potential in every energy management system – from solar or wind farms, which can generate higher revenues on the electricity markets by using a battery, to complex systems consisting of generators, storage facilities and consumers with many technical, legal, contractual and procedural boundary conditions, the optimal operation of which can only be identified with the use of software.
Our forecasting and optimisation software supports you in leveraging this potential and covers the entire life cycle of your systems in terms of new construction and expansion planning as well as daily operations management.

Your benefits


State-of-the-art AI-based forecasts for all areas of the energy industry

Our forecasting solutions support all commodities and facilitate automated roll-outs of forecasting models. In daily use, the forecast quality is constantly monitored.


State-of-technology IT infrastructure for Big Data

The implementation of the energy system transformation calls for the processing of enormous data volumes, which in turn require the right control and management tasks. We have proven the worth of our solutions in countries with almost 100% Smart Meter rollout.


Optimising your existing energy system – from IntraDay to multi-year planning

Migrate your energy portfolio into an optimisation model using our intuitive user interface. Automated workflows will give you optimised trading proposals and scheduling options for generation plants and storage facilities.


Scalable optimisation – from CHPs to chemical parks

Our solutions work just as well for small plants as they do for large-scale energy systems or industrial parks. They are available as SaaS, cloud-based, or on-premises solutions with easy integration into ancillary processes and systems.


Broad market coverage across the European energy sector

Utility companies, industrial enterprises, and energy traders across Europe rely on our robust forecasting and optimisation solutions with multilingual support and top-tier IT security.

How it works

Our forecasting and optimisation solutions facilitate the expansion and conversion of your energy system, as well as your daily management processes. You will receive schedules for generation plants and storage facilities, trading proposals for the short-term markets, and procurement proposals for the long-term sector – in full compliance with all technical and economic regulations.

The scalability and continuous further development of our solutions will have you ready for and in full compliance with all future requirements of the current and future energy system transformation.

Forecasting across all commodities
Forecast-based deployment optimisation
Scheduled energy market bids
Expansion and conversion planning based on validated models
All KPIs at a glance


  • Optimised energy systems across the board

    Auf dem Dach installierte Solarpanels.

    Optimised energy systems across the board

    Forecasts and optimisation are central issues in the context of energy system transition.

    Market success is becoming increasingly complex, as the overall objective has shifted towards resource conservation and sustainability, while still requiring reliable generation and supply across all energy market sectors and keeping costs down, while generating as much profit as possible. The key: optimising the operation of conventional power plants, renewable energy generation systems, and generation parks.

    There is optimisation potential in any energy system.

    Our forecasting and optimisation solution delivers viable deployment proposals for energy management. All framework conditions, including government regulations, markets, prices, contractual restrictions, and technical limitations are taken into consideration to create optimised plant operation schedules, and trade and storage management proposals.

  • Areas of deployment and application

    Windturbinen in einer Berglandschaft.

    Areas of deployment and application

    Our forecasting and optimisation solutions excel in all areas of energy generation, procurement, storage, supply and distribution:

    • Conventional power plants
    • District heat generation, distribution networks and storage facilities
      (fossil gas, LNG, biogas, hydrogen)
    • Industry (energy supply to production plants, material flow for production)
    • Hydropower plants and storage facilities
    • Virtual power plants
    • Cross-references for sector coupling
    • EE generation, transport, conversion (hydrogen, e-fuels …), storage
    • Battery optimisation (e.g. on generation parks)

    Our solutions handle short-term, medium-term and long-term planning, as well as assessments of expansion and new construction plans in the electricity, heat and transport sectors, taking into account relevant cross-references options.

  • Battery optimisation

    Battery optimisation

    Battery storage at generation parks

    A battery storage system at a solar or wind farm gives you the flexibility to market the electricity generated precisely when prices are high, instead of marketing it directly at the exact time of generation. Using the battery as skilfully and automatically as possible on several markets simultaneously generates additional revenue.

    Our optimisation software supports you both in the strategic investment decision as to which battery is the right one and in the daily operating decision as to how best to use the storage system in order to achieve the highest possible revenues on the markets. In this way, our battery optimisation ensures that the electricity generated by the sun or wind is placed on the markets as profitably as possible.

    Storage in complex energy systems with generators and consumers

    All energy systems and portfolios in which surplus electricity can be temporarily stored in batteries have potential for optimisation (such as production systems in industry).

    Our optimisation software shows the best operating modes for all storage systems, producers and consumers, e.g. with the aim of achieving the highest profit or the highest sustainability by using as much electricity from renewable energies as possible. The software calculates the optimum solution for the efficient operation of all assets from the integrated weather and price forecasts as well as from all legal, contractual and procedural boundary conditions of a system.

    We are happy to analyse the potential of your system in advance for interested parties.


  • Your benefit

    Schwarzer Hintergrund mit Lichtlinien.

    Your benefit

    Typically, power plant deployment optimisation, portfolio and procurement optimisation, trading, resource and energy management, and virtual power plants are the applications with the highest optimisation potential. Our customers rely on our optimisation solution to:

    • increase the value added from their own portfolio by way of higher contribution margins at lower costs
    • increase operational efficiency through optimised maintenance planning
    • make the best, safest and fastest decisions for operational management
    • automate report generation, including important key performance indicators (KPIs)

    Any participant in the liberalised energy market, be it operations planners, plant operators, traders, energy suppliers, municipal utilities, decision-makers in energy-intensive industries and other roles will benefit from using our forecasting and optimisation solutions.

  • Intuitive operation, configuration, and automation

    Solaranlagen und Windturbinen.

    Intuitive operation, configuration, and automation


    Our forecasting solution has the mass data capabilities you need for the energy world of our future. It effortlessly calculates high numbers of forecasts (>10,000 per day).


    An intuitive user interface and a host of preconfigured modules for energy generation and industrial plants, renewable energies, distribution networks and trade let you map the entire spectrum of energy management tasks. The result is then transposed into a mathematical model to calculate all technical and economic restrictions.

    Process Automation

    Optimisation and forecasting can be integrated into your processes in a time- or event-driven manner.

  • Cloud solution for more flexibility and budgetability

    Strommasten mit Wolken im Hintergrund.

    Cloud solution for more flexibility and budgetability

    The complete software solution for forecasting and optimisation is available as SaaS from the certified KISTERScloud.

    In other words: you don’t buy the actual software, but instead the right to use it online – all or just parts of it, with a specific number of users and over a specific period of time.

    Additional SaaS options include backup service, monitoring, on-call service, update service and administrative support. The software runs in the certified KISTERS Data Centre in Aachen, Germany, and you access it via web browser over a secure connection.

    The operation of your system as a KISTERScloud solution is easily set up, requires very little investment, and is available at low monthly leasing rates.

    Of course, you can also choose an on-premises concept, which will integrate seamlessly into your ancillary processes and systems like trade and control systems.

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