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Advanced analytics and decision support

Gain intelligence, guidance, valuable and timely insights from your data.

Mock-up of a KISTERS software application.

Advanced optimisation and model integration for real-time operations

We build software that helps you better manage your water resources and prepare for extreme events through the smart use of weather forecasts, integrated water resource modelling and automated optimisation.

Our dedicated frameworks integrate environmental data models and optimisation schemes into our data management systems, which enables you to gain greater insights and guidance from the data you’re already collecting.

Solution benefits


Connect with any environmental model

Our dedicated model integration framework allows you to seamlessly connect to any environmental data model (hydrologic, basin operations, reservoir, hydraulic, data-driven AI) for analytical and planning purposes or to create your own location specific forecasts for operational purposes in real-time.


Optimised operations guidance

Couple models or digital twins with our real-time optimisation framework to identify optimal operations of your infrastructure under your location specific constraints and goals in real-time or for analytical/planning purposes.


Dedicated interfaces and custom-built dashboards

Convert model outputs, forecasts, and optimised operations guidance into actionable information through dedicated and easy to use interfaces or custom dashboards we’ll build for you.


One integrated software system

No need for yet another software system – simply add models and optimisation schemes to our existing data management and visualisation systems to gain the insights you need.


Available on-premises, in a data centre, or cloud

Run and access your models and optimisations on your own servers or in our secure and powerful data centre, or visualize the results in the cloud.

Gain advanced insights and guidance by expanding your data management

Through a streamlined and tried and tested process, we’ve ensured our solutions enable you to expand your data management system into a full-fledged decision support system.

Collect real-time data from your own and public sources
Run your models or optimisation
Analyse the results
Gain actionable insights
Improve efficiency, reduce risk, increase revenue

Our solutions for you

  • Meet the Real-Time Analytics Framework: Limitless model integration

    Meet the Real-Time Analytics Framework: Limitless model integration

    Modelling the behaviour of water through rivers, lakes, aquifers, reservoirs, canals or any other infrastructure can provide deep insights into a systems behaviour and such, inform decision making for planning and operational purposes.

    Our Real-Time Analytics Framework (RTAF) lets you integrate virtually any advanced analytics process, meteorological or water resources model, whether physically based, conceptual, or data driven (artificial intelligence, machine learning etc.) into our expert data management systems. Then, employ the model for scenario analysis, real time operations, or storm or flood warning.

    Once configured, the RTAF fully integrates your process or model into the data stream by managing model inputs (such as rainfall for a rainfall-runoff model), internal state variables (such as storage in a reservoir) and extracting any requested model results. Intelligent (and if desired automated) model execution and results storage provides for virtually hands-off work with the models, allowing you to focus on the results and derive actionable information.

  • Meet Real-Time Optimisation: The ultimate decision support

    Meet Real-Time Optimisation: The ultimate decision support

    With real-time optimisation (RTO) you can take advantage of your data even more. Rather than simply simulating how you plan to operate your infrastructure, our Real-Time Optimisation can optimise operations and provide you with clear operational guidance.

    RTO uses model representations (“digital twins”) of your system and given inputs of weather forecasts. Along with your operational goals and constraints, it finds the optimal operation of your assets enabling you to receive guidance on how to improve efficiency, minimise risk, and increase revenue.

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