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Our company

KISTERS specialises in the collection, processing and reporting of environmental data from around the world, creating innovative and data-driven solutions that harness the power of data and technology.

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Our mission

Catalysing the transition to clean & renewable energy, mitigating the effects of climate change and managing water and energy resources more sustainably are our passion and motivation. KISTERS is dedicated to developing IT solutions for a more responsible use of natural resources. Digitally monitoring and analysing data about our changing world is what we do best. Our mission is to empower customers with truly reliable data-driven insights and technology they can trust to help them make the decisions they need to keep life thriving.

Who we are Sustainability at KISTERS

Our values


We embrace challenges

We’re not afraid of a challenge because we have the faith in our expertise to always find a solution that works.


We work together

We strive to work together as one global team to create game-changing solutions that can make a positive difference.


We are driven by passion

We believe that our solutions will be greater if we use our passion to solve problems – our passion for data, our passion for IT, our passion for the environment.


We care for our people

We put people first. We always strive to be kind, helpful and look after each other because it is our people and our customers that allow us to do great things in this world.

A family company in every regard

At KISTERS, being a family organisation goes beyond the Kisters family name; it embodies our philosophy and management style. With 750 colleagues from over 30 nations, we cultivate a daily interaction based on fairness, international diversity, team spirit and mutual respect.

The management style of “open doors” and short decision making process are a matter of course. The Executive Board and Senior Managers are always available to answer questions and there are no barriers to initiating discussions. As a member of the Fair Company Initiative for fair working conditions.

Our History

Originally founded in 1963 as an engineering office in Aachen Germany, KISTERS is now an international medium-sized company specialising in the water, weather, energy and IT sectors. We employ over 750 experts, engineers, scientists, inventors and developers from more than 30 countries on 5 continents.

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