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New KISTERS Help Center with extensive improvements

30 June 2023

silhouette of a personThe new KISTERS Help Centre is now available for our energy customers via the familiar link:

There you will find help for all your KISTERS solutions – now new with, among other things, extended search functions and the possibility to download pdf files.

The innovations in detail:

Improved usability

The main focus of the Help Centre change was to improve usability and user experience. By changing the technology of the Help Centre, we were able to bring back previously omitted functions and add new ones. Specifically:

  • Table of contents/navigation next to content: finally! The table of contents is now displayed in a sidebar on the left and allows you to easily navigate through the help as well as view the entire help structure.
  • Search and keyword index next to the content: The sidebar can also display the search and (if available) the keyword index. If you click on a search result, it is displayed in the content area and the search result itself remains, e.g. to click on the next hit.
  • Improved print view and pdf download: Since you have frequently asked us how to print an entire Help Centre or whether we can make it available as a pdf file, the new Help Centre automatically offers the pdf file for download.
  • Improved error handling: The new Help Centre is smarter and more flexible in querying/intercepting requests for help versions or languages that don’t exist and redirects them.
  • Language change is only offered if available: For each help, you can change the language of the respective help called up in the header. The language selection menu is only displayed if the help is also available in the respective language.
  • Various quality-of-life features: A few smaller features have been added to make your work a little easier, for example, you can hide the sidebar and header.

Access to and search in all help centres.

Central access to the Help Centre is A single authorisation (login) via a web solution OR via is sufficient. Authorised customers receive an overview of all available help and an extended search function on the start page of the Help Centre.

Advanced search settings allow you to limit the search to specific areas/solution areas. Searching for exact phrases, with AND/OR conditions, with wildcards and with exclusion of words is supported.

With the flexible authorisation, we are thus able to link all help in the service portal under the respective products. We are currently in the process of adding all links.

New corporate identity (for aids and pdf files)

The new KISTERS website was also the starting point for a new layout of the documentation. The new Help Centre was converted to the new corporate identity with the help of our UI designers and the marketing team.

In the course of this, the pdf files of the user documentation and system requirements also received a new layout, which is currently still being rolled out. The release notes will follow soon.

We are convinced that the new Help Centre will improve the way our customers work with our solutions. Take a look right now: