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Be prepared for any rain event with KISTERS HydroMaster

KISTERS HydroMaster is an industry-leading cloud solution that empowers you to stay ahead of weather challenges and safeguard your assets with ease. Stay informed at all times on past, near real-time, or future precipitation events with a powerful suite of visualisation, forecasting, alarming, and analysis tools.

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Protect community life

Shield communities from heavy rain. Unite catchments and assets in KISTERS HydroMaster to create location-specific alarms. Share weather alerts on social media to help the public prepare in time.

Stay stormproof

Optimise your storm tanks to stay ahead of floods. Get timely alerts for smarter water storage without risking the buffering capacity of your storm tanks.

Automate monitoring with ease

Harnessing its extensive alarming capabilities, KISTERS HydroMaster takes charge of monitoring your assets and areas of interest, allowing you to streamline operations and reduce staff costs.

Safeguard sewer systems

Reduce the risk of sewer overflow and pollution by integrating catchments and real-time warnings. Use forecasted events to trigger preventive actions and proactive cleaning for maximum efficiency.

Reduce risk of liability

Protect against potential legal responsibilities with the official return period information from KISTERS HydroMaster. Stay compliant and detect infrastructure issues by integrating official sources’ return period reference data.

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Just a few of the organisations that choose KISTERS HydroMaster


km2 operational coverage, to deliver information where it matters to you.


WMO observation stations, constantly monitoring precipitation data.


Radar images generated every day, giving you the most up-to-date insights.

solihull council

KISTERS HydroMaster allows us to not only monitor what rainfall we have had, but also to be proactive with future events to keep our emergency response teams alert and our residents well informed. It is critical to our response to and recovery from flooding in the borough

Mr Dean Ward, Head of Highway Infrastructure at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Precipitation risk monitoring for every industry

HydroMaster - Local Authorities

Early flood warnings can help authorities to reduce the risk of property and infrastructure damage caused by severe weather events.

KISTERS HydroMaster allows you to manage all important catchments in your area, and assign alerts and warnings to them. These alerts will raise early attention to increased rainwater intensity and flood risk correlations.

Using thousands of observation stations and over 20 years of precipitation data curves , KISTERS HydroMaster can provide accurate warnings at the earliest opportunity.

HydroMaster - Sewer Management

Heavy rainfall events can threaten sewer systems. If a system becomes overwhelmed it can have dreadful impacts for both the public and the environment.

KISTERS HydroMaster can help you prevent sewer overflow and the associated environmental pollution by sending early warning notifications via SMS and email about potential overflow events.

By adding in KISTERS HydroMaster catchments that feed the sewer systems, you can get early warning of malfunctions, increased pressure or accumulated debris or mud.

HydroMaster - Agriculture

Crop production can be threatened by uncertain rainfall patterns due to climate variability. Intense rainfall can occur at any time, and farmers are often not prepared.

KISTERS HydroMaster monitors precipitation across thousands of observation stations, alerting you to heavy rain events before they happen.

Time curves based on 20 years of precipitation data are already integrated, giving us unparalleled accuracy in our forecasting. This information allows you to optimise crop production and reduce vulnerability.

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