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Welcome to HydroMaster

Your live web service to minimise the impact of water on your operations, assets and infrastructure.

HydroMaster Background

What is HydroMaster?


Radar visualisation and analysis tools

Animate high-resolution precipitation radar imagery (historical and forecast) and retrieve rain gauge-calibrated cumulative precipitation amounts for any defined period, with assessment and actioning of events available via a simple mouse-click.


Customise your HydroMaster

Add your catchment areas, zones of interest, hotspots and rain gauge data to obtain localised precipitation observations and forecasts within seconds. Evaluate how significant the impact will be for your area by comparing with return periods, and take appropriate measures.


Tailored warnings and alerts

Combine past, near real-time and future precipitation data to generate automated warnings when threshold criteria are met. For timely and effective dissemination of warnings you decide who, how and when messages will be issued.



View and analyse past precipitation events using the same tools as in real-time. Save your work in comprehensive post-event analytical reports with various pre-formatting options.


Know what’s coming and mitigate your risks

HydroMaster empowers you with access to the very latest high resolution precipitation radar in real time, updated on a continuous basis. With radar-based nowcasts paired with multi-model deterministic and probabilistic forecasts up to 15 days in advance, you can be assured of timely and accurate information to support your operational decisions.

To give users an indication of rainfall event severity, forecasts are contextualised using a dedicated severity index which takes into account both location and season.

With HydroMaster you not only know what’s coming but also when, where, and the expected impact.

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Make yourself comfortable

HydroMaster offers you a series of interactive maps, charts and tables, radar maps, precipitation totals, alarm status and return periods.

Add your favourite view to your own private dashboard with a single click. Build your personal view by repositioning and resizing the elements.

With the HydroMaster Dashboard you have everything under your control.


Tailor forecast and warnings to your area of interest

HydroMaster acts for your area of interest instead of giving you an arbitrary forecast. With a few clicks you can draw your area of interest or highlight your personal assets and hotspots.

If you have your polygons (such as catchments) derived from a GIS system, you can upload them rather than creating them again.

Once HydroMaster knows your objects it will automatically calculate precipitation totals and forecasts. Access your individual results from maps, charts and tables.


Set up your alarms and warnings

Save time while HydroMaster monitors the screens for you. Set up individual alarms and warnings for your objects and organise notifications via sms, e-mail or even twitter.

You can choose your preferred media channel. All alarm and warning situations are recorded and displayed on screen. A rich set of statistics including storm analysis with return periods are presented during alarm conditions or for post event analysis.

Share HydroMaster with your team

HydroMaster’s access permission allows you to set up HydroMaster for your team. Spread all the great features across your team by adding more users from your organisation.

As a local administrator it is you who decides their access level. This is ideal for setting up HydroMaster for 24/7 operation rooms, or sharing alerts and warnings with others.

"The HydroMaster API provides forecast information that will be processed and combined with other data from the sewerage network to allow, in certain cases, to anticipate situations and to improve the dynamic management of our facilities in particular to reduce releases to the natural environment."

Veolia Water Hauts-de-France region

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