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Make better decisions with KISTERS datasphere

KISTERS datasphere is an all-in-one cloud solution for smarter environmental decision-making. Bring together all the monitoring data you need from any source into a single platform.

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Data agnostic

Let your data work for you

KISTERS datasphere empowers you to make the right decisions at the right time. View all your data at a glance in one easy-to-use platform.

Data sharing

Share with a single click

It’s simple to share data with other users or make your data public. Choose exact locations, time series, and warnings to share.

Cloud solution

Access your data anytime, anywhere

All you need is an internet connection. View your data on any device, wherever you are – no software required.

Extensive alarming module

Stay one step ahead

Never miss a critical event with customised warnings. Create email or SMS alarms for unlimited recipients.

Dedicated views

Bring your data into focus

Build your own personalised dashboard. Prioritise what matters most to get the insights you need in seconds.

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Just a few of the organisations that choose KISTERS datasphere


Trusted by 850+ organisations across 30 countries, including governments, NGOs, private companies


Capturing data in 40,000+ locations worldwide


Access to 50,000+ unique time-series data in EMEA alone.

Data autonomy for every industry

scientist with environmental data

As extreme weather events become more common, day-to-day monitoring of weather, water, and other domains is crucial. KISTERS datasphere handles this for you, keeping you up to date on all events deviating from your defined thresholds or normal values.

engineer with environmental data

Anticipating and planning for the effects of climate change has never been more critical. KISTERS datasphere offers a wealth of forecast models with easy-to-extract data to help you make better decisions for the future.

farmer with environmental data

Optimising your irrigation is more important than ever as long dry spells become more frequent and intense. Stay ahead of the weather with 10-day forecasts for your specific crops based on your irrigation method and its phenological stage.

Plus with our new ‘Risk of damaging frost’ forecast via datasphere, users can estimate the risk of damaging frost by easily configuring key elements of their crops to ensure a tailored and efficient risk assessment process. Configuration includes selecting the topography of the crop, specifying the soil type and exact crop to be grown, plus selecting the cultivar.

Take control of your reselling business with an extensive suite of tools to manage your end customers and grow your business. Add new customers and share the data and features they need in just a few clicks.

Spotlight feature: New Risk of Damaging Frost Forecast.

Introducing the latest advancement in precision agriculture: the ‘Risk of Damaging Frost’ forecast with KISTERS datasphere. This new feature allows users to estimate the risk of damaging frost with unrivalled accuracy. Simply configure key elements of your crop to ensure a tailored and efficient risk assessment process. From selecting topography and specifying soil type to selecting the exact crop and variety, our platform enables users to make informed decisions for their agricultural operations.

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