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Data management and reporting

Collect, manage, and process environmental data for reporting and informed decision making

Customisable and robust data management systems to fit your needs.

Understanding the historic and current state of our environment is paramount to dealing with the many challenges we face due to climate change, population growth, and regulatory and market pressures. Whether weather, soil, water, or ecological data – they must be properly and reliably collected, managed, and processed for historical analyses and operational uses alike.

Our robust and comprehensive data management systems, help small and large organisations with a great spectrum of use cases and expertise to store, access, edit, modify, process, analyse, visualise, publish and report on their environmental data.

Solution benefits


Manage all your data in one place

Store and access all your environmental data in a single solution, from customary time series to raster data, from manually samples to automatically collected data, from lab data to biological surveys to satellite observations, from historical observations to real-time operational data.


Keep your data and IT network safe

We massively invest in the security of our software – taking pride in meeting the high demands of cyber security both in our own software products and the integration of them into the IT infrastructures of our customers.


Process large volumes of data fast

With optimised data storage and processing, our systems can process large amounts of data quickly so you can rely on not having to wait for this information.


Utilise robust integration capabilities

Our systems let you easily integrate or complement other monitoring programs, forecasting, time series and discrete data management. It can also be used as an on-premises installation, software as a service (SaaS) or as a cloud solution.


Easily create and digest reports

You can create simple reports yourself using a GUI containing simple graphics, data, metadata and my logo. You can save these reports and run them for a batch of stations that are contained within your project.


Customise to suit your unique needs

Allow you or us to configure the system to suit your unique needs including what data we cover and how it is visually represented in a customizable user interface.

Implementing a data management system that works for you

The end goal of data management is to provide you with the right, defensible information when you need it and in the format you’d expect. We work with you all the way to achieve this.

Needs and resource assessment
IT and security assessment
Data inventory
System installation
Data migration

Our solutions for you

  • Meet WISKI: Best-in-class advanced data management system for environmental data

    Meet WISKI: Best-in-class advanced data management system for environmental data

    WISKI (Water Information System KISTERS) is our flagship product for advanced environmental data management. Organise your historical and real-time data via locations, location groups, data parameters and unlimited time series per parameter. Use the numerous metadata options to define additional data properties and asset information.

    Whether you manage historical or real-time data, point observations or gridded data, deterministic or ensemble data and forecasts – we have you covered. Manually or automatically ingest, validate, and process your data according to your specific needs – our vast set of predefined functions make it easy and efficient for you. Then use our comprehensive expert interface to review and manipulate the data to make sure they are fit for purpose. Our data lists and interactive map interfaces make it easy – including full ESRI integrations.

    Create rich data reports using our pre-defined reporting templates, or create your own reports via custom templates or scripting. Or provide interactive access to your data via our WISKI Portal. WISKI and KISTERS also watch out for you – automatically checking your data and warning you of suspicious data or imminent events and providing 24/7 support.

    Plus, expand your WISKI functionality using our water quality, ecological data, web publishing, advanced analytics, modelling/forecasting and system/application monitoring add-ons.

  • Meet WISKI Compact: WISKI for smaller applications

    Meet WISKI Compact: WISKI for smaller applications

    Monitoring a smaller environmental data observation network? Use our WISKI Compact.

    WISKI Compact is a modified and simpler version of WISKI. It allows use for up to two experts and contains all the key WISKI functionalities you need. It enables you to define a maximum number of 200 stations via pre-configured station templates (stations, parameters, time series) for hydrology, groundwater, meteorology and agriculture applications and set up data acquisition via pre-configured import and export formats.

    Pre-installed with a PostGreSQL database it operates straight from your laptop or small server without the need for comprehensive IT infrastructure. Plus, you get one day of free online training to get started. And if your data management needs increase, you can easily upgrade to our full WISKI system.

    WISKI Compact is the ideal solution for the on-premise management of data from KISTERS data loggers & sensors and is compatible with most other logger manufacturers.

    Or, if you do not want to host locally, use our HydroMaster or KISTERS datasphere cloud solutions.

  • Meet WISKI WQ & ECO: Expand WISKI to manage water quality samples and ecological data

    Meet WISKI WQ & ECO: Expand WISKI to manage water quality samples and ecological data

    Managing water quality samples, or animal and plant survey information can be challenging in a traditional data management system.

    Our WISKI WQ (KiWQM) expansions helps you with measuring and assessing water quality by integrating ecological data and discrete data from field samples with continuous time series data, correlating water quality data with lab results from LIMS and creating water quality analyses and statistics. Turn pure water quality data into relevant information

    Use WISKI ECO (KiECO) to define measuring programmes, research areas and habitats and flexibly manage biological sampling parameters by taxon (including taxonomic trees). Search and visualise biological data and present research areas and habitats on interactive maps.

    By integrating biological, chemical-physical and hydrological data in one single system you can effectively monitor the biotic integrity of your water bodies.

  • Meet WISKI WEB: Show and share your WISKI data on the web

    Meet WISKI WEB: Show and share your WISKI data on the web

    WISKI WEB is our new solution for easy, robust and safe publication of data on the web. Use it to display your WISKI data to large audiences via maps, graphics and tables, allowing the users to easily navigate through the data in the web browser of their choice.

    Build specifically for accessibility and fast response WISKI Web quickly shows each user exactly what they want to see, even with high traffic. Plus, with a responsive design visualise the content on any display, from PCs to laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

    WISKI WEB’s basic pages can easily be installed and configured either in the cloud or on-premise, and a great selection of additional plug-ins is available to show your data in dedicated maps, schemas, graphics and dashboards.

  • Meet SKED & BIBER: Manage streamflow measurements and rating curves

    Meet SKED & BIBER: Manage streamflow measurements and rating curves

    BIBER is our discharge measurement application for sue both in the field and in the office. Providing all necessary functions for the direct collection of discharge measurement data through a field computer (including wireless transmission of current meter impulse) it seamlessly integrates with all common measuring devices to document your streamflow observations. Back in the office use it to review and evaluate your results using interpolation functions and a variety of cross-section and other graphs.

    Our stage-discharge curve editor SKED is based on the experience of experts across the world. SKED creates for you stage-discharge curves for both natural flow cross-sections (e.g., according to level regulations) and for control cross-sections (e.g., according to British standards, USGS methods). It also allows stage-discharge curve creation using hysteresis or other complex methods. You can even use it to construct elevation-storage curves for lakes and reservoirs.

    Both BIBER and SKED work seamlessly with WISKI.

  • Meet HydroMaster & datasphere: Our cloud solutions for specialised data management

    Meet HydroMaster & datasphere: Our cloud solutions for specialised data management

    You cannot influence the weather, but you can be better prepared to minimise its impacts on your operations. HydroMaster provides a sophisticated suite of tools to efficiently analyse observed and forecasted precipitation data. As a live web service you have access to historical and current real-time precipitation observations from weather stations, radars, and satellites. Also see upcoming precipitation events, including radar-based nowcasts or deterministic and probabilistic forecast data. Then get alerted of extreme events for your defined hotspots, zones of interest and catchments.

    KISTERS datasphere expands HydroMaster to be the global all-in-one solution for any sensor data and raster data. As cloud-based solution with easy-to-use viewing, alarming and integration features it is the perfect basis for a range of applications – from simple sensor network management to environmental monitoring, infrastructure/asset monitoring, smart cities, internet of things, extreme storm event management and flood warning.

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