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Telemetry and data acquisition

Efficient data transfer from any sensor or remote data sources to your data management system

Mock-up of a KISTERS software application.

Data transfer, storage, sensors and data loggers you can rely on that harness the power of IoT.

One of the most important aspects in the success of environmental monitoring is being able to remotely detect and measure every type of environmental change occurring through reliable sensors that pull through data from multiple sources. The more data sources you can measure, the better visibility you get on how to optimise and manage environmental situations.

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised the capabilities of environmental sensors. That’s why we’ve made sure that IoT has become the essence of our telemetry product offering.

Hardware components from KISTERS

A wide range of leading environmental hardware products

We develop, manufacture, sell and install quality instrumentation, water and weather sensors, data loggers and IoT technology.

With over 60 years in this field, our products are designed with quality, accuracy and robustness in mind – so you can spend less time worrying about gathering data and more time working on solving the problem.

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Solution benefits


Get data from any sensor

Our software is sensor brand agnostic and compatible with multiple protocols and communication paths.


Monitor all processes & lines

Get an overview of every data acquisition job, communication line, and its status.


Better control data access

Assign data access rights to support multiple and concurrent users; also get audit trails.


Store, export and distribute data

Retrieve, view, edit, and export raw data in different formats for 2-3 months.


Archive & analyse data in KISTERS software

Long-term data availability by integrating with our data management & analytics software

How it works

A simple and streamlined process to give you the solution you need

Install sensors and hardware
Integrate sensors
Define alarms
Access data from anywhere
Get alerts


  • Compatible with nearly every sensor and transfer protocol

    Compatible with nearly every sensor and transfer protocol

    With more than 60 years in environmental data management, we have developed one platform with multiple communication channels to unify control over your remote monitoring network.

    This platform is also ideal for consolidating data from multiple data loggers by different manufacturers. Communicate with data collection units via diverse paths such as phone, ISDN, GSM, UMTS, GPRS, Internet, radio and satellite. In addition, control settings for transfer directions and transfer protocols such as IP-telemetry, remote call, file transfer, web services and more.

  • Optimized computing resources by load balancing

    Optimized computing resources by load balancing

    Load balancing enables all available computing resources to be used efficiently. This design ensures the highest possible performance. Monitor system performance metrics including CPU load and available free space on the hard drive.

    All basic data pertaining to acquisition links and target systems are stored to ensure 2-3 months of full operational independence from our data management and reporting software. Default backup settings store all necessary data and settings, allowing for quick system recovery or restoration as needed.

    Pair with our data management software for advanced editing, reporting, model integration, and long-term data storage.

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    Data management and reporting
  • Simultaneous & independent data collection for multiple interfaces

    Simultaneous & independent data collection for multiple interfaces

    Different communication channels run in parallel. In addition to IP-based channels, up to 32 modems can be connected. Up to 64 serial interfaces can run in parallel.

  • Intuitive sensor monitoring & alarm settings

    Intuitive sensor monitoring & alarm settings

    Our software enables users to easily create and manage monitoring stations, loggers, test jobs and data acquisition jobs.

    Deploy push applications using data transfer protocols. Opt to fall back into pull operations if push operations fail.

    In addition, easily define and monitoring thresholds for individual sensors or groups of devices. Manage alarm recipients, so appropriate persons or teams on duty are aware and have maximum time to respond. Retrieve statistics on alerts and logs of alarms to identify and investigate trends.

  • Standard exports formats and methods

    Standard exports formats and methods

    Collected raw data can be exported in different file formats using different distribution methods and specified target systems. All basic data pertaining to acquisition links and target systems are stored for 2-3 months.

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    Data management and reporting
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