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Cloud solutions for environmental monitoring and warning

A faster and more efficient way to gain access to your data whilst staying alert and up to date

Online data services for instant data access

From flood forecasting tools to custom built web portals, our KISTERS cloud solutions let you focus on what is important to you – your data. Without the need to operate complicated IT infrastructure, you can gain insights from your historical and real-time data, while tapping into a vast collection of publicly available real-time weather and water observations and forecasts.

View your data on an interactive map, define thresholds to identify worrisome events like extreme storms, flooding, or freezing and get notified when this happens. And, if you want to share your information, KISTERS cloud solutions allows you to set up the exact parameters of how and who you want to share your data with.

Solution benefits


Instantly see the data you collect from your KISTERS sensors

When you purchase KISTERS monitoring & sampling hardware, you get access to our smart online visualisation data tool (Datasphere) that lets you bring multiple data sets into one place and analyse them easily.


Inspect real-time data from anywhere

Access your data through standard web browsers – no additional software needed. Rather, visualize and assess your data from anywhere via intuitive maps and dashboards.


Gain access to a large set of publicly available data

Subscribe to public weather and water data for increased situational awareness whether it’s recent water levels or weather forecasts, our tools let you access what you need.


Integrate data from other vendors

Whether the data you want to view is from KISTERS sensors or another player, our cloud solutions can pull it all into one place for you and make life easier.


Share your data with fellow organisations

Specify the data you want to share and give access to your partner organisations. Plus, our solutions also let you see the data your partners share for maximum collaboration.


Easily define and receive alerts and alarms so you're always in the loop

Our solutions let you define the thresholds so you or your team can be automatically alerted when worrisome events occur or are forecasted via SMS, Twitter or email.

How it works

Whether you’re after a flood prevention and forecasting tool or a data aggrevator visualisation tool, the process is simple and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Install sensors
Integrate your sensors
Define alarms
Access and share your data
Get notified

Product features

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