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Publishing and notifications

Smart software solutions that offer sharable data and can alert anyone you want when action is needed

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Reports, bulletins, and alarming

We’ve ensured that the key features of our products include the generation of reports, bulletins and alarming so you can get everything you need in one system.

  • Share your data within your institution, with stakeholders, or with the public at large with our publishing and notification tools.
  • Package your data into reports or bulletins using templates and automated processes.
  • Identify times when out-of-the-ordinary weather events occur or are forecasted (such as heavy rainfall, flooding, or drought) through smart alarming.

Solution benefits


Create branded documents and set your notifications

Create reports, bulletins or brief notifications that publish your data or analysis results in a range of formats in your own branding along with notification messages that can be distributed via a variety of channels to pre-defined recipients or external sites (Email, SMS, Twitter, etc.)


Set your own parameters so you can detect events that matter to you automatically

Set your thresholds or complex decision schemes to enable you to automatically detect when action is needed. This allows you to identify issues with your data flow, or to alarm decision makers or the public of imminent danger.


Control who receives your information

Approve reports and bulletins, define who should receive your information, specify the recipients’ work schedules, and use cascading notifications to ensure that important information is always received.


Share your information via different channels

Use variety of technologies to disseminate your information, from email, SMS, Twitter to phone calls, subscriptions, or websites.


Stay informed when someone receives information

Gain confidence that your notifications have been received through our acknowledgement system including smart features that allow alternative recipients to be notified when someone responds.


A system that works with differing data sources

Report and notify based on either using your own or public data in your KISTERS data management system, or trigger this from data loggers or external systems.

Providing the right information at the right time

Use our tools to automatically disseminate your data and insights through an easy and streamlined process.

Acquire and manage data
Detect an event
Generate reports or alarm notifications
Disseminate reports or messages
Track who receives them

Product features

  • Hyper-flexible event detection

    Hyper-flexible event detection

    Our key software solutions WISKI, WISKI Web, datasphere and HydroMaster use location and parameters specific thresholds to detect events such as missing data, flow exceeding a warning level, or an exceedingly high rate of change. More complex multi-site or areal event detection using any combination of static, dynamic, or conditional thresholds can be handled by our Data Validation extension.

    These detections can be applied to historical data, real-time observations, or forecasted data and can be recorded as flags in the data or cause the triggering of a notification.

  • Extensive management of recipients

    Extensive management of recipients

    Our cloud solutions KISTERS datasphere and HydroMaster allow unlimited recipients to receive emails or SMS messages, which can be grouped as needed to receive specific notifications.

    Our Alarm Manager also works seamlessly with other key data management systems WISKI and WISKI Web and provides comprehensive recipient definition and grouping. Detailed work schedules (hours, days, planned absences) can also be assigned to each recipient to smartly direct notifications to those who should and can receive it.

  • Automated notification generation

    Automated notification generation

    All our tools create notifications automatically.

    datasphere and HydroMaster are robust solutions that primarily serve data monitoring and alarming needs by allowing users to predefine notification templates to generate warning messages.

    Other solutions include Alarm Manager or WISKI Web where notifications can be customised to create comprehensive reports, bulletins, and messages to fit a variety of information sharing needs. Once in operation, the specified data and text will automatically be inserted into the provided templates to create appealing and to-the-point notifications.

    Even more targeted notifications can be created automatically using our internal WISKI / WISKI WEB APIs and Python scripting.

  • Smart multi-channel data distribution

    Smart multi-channel data distribution

    Our WISKI, WISKI Web, datasphere and HydroMaster offerings all support Email and SMS as data distribution channels. HydroMaster can also notify via Twitter.

    The Alarm Manager is our most flexible notification tool and allows a variety of conditions to be set to flexibly disseminate notifications to the correct recipients using the chosen channels and in accordance to editable work schedules. Our internal WISKI / WISKI WEB APIs and Python scripting can be employed to custom code even more comprehensive notification distribution.

  • Smart acknowledgements and notification resend

    Smart acknowledgements and notification resend

    Being aware who received disseminated notifications, such as bulletins or alarms, is crucial to ensure that the right recipients are notified at the right time.

    Our Alarm Manager employs a dedicated acknowledgement scheme that provides the recipients with flexible options to confirm that they received a notification. If no acknowledgement, notifications are resent either to the same recipient, or to alternative recipients until an acknowledgement is received.

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