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Our purpose


Who we are

For over 60 years, KISTERS has been dedicated to one mission: To empower customers with technology that delivers reliable data for effective environmental monitoring.

Data is our guiding light, moving us from uncertainty to informed decisions. It’s the catalyst for optimising business, protecting nature & paving the way for a harmonious world. That’s why at KISTERS we’re committed to providing others with the data they need to make those decisions that will keep our world thriving.


Gather, extract, and thrive

We develop reliable, robust sensors and comprehensive software solutions that make working with environmental data easy.

Get trusted insights with intuitive tools that help you to anticipate challenges and respond to change. With our technology solutions, you can face the future with confidence.


60 years of experience

Built on a foundation of expertise and innovation, our solutions are tailored by a team of scientists, engineers and experts who understand your industry.

We combine our expertise with adaptable software solutions, to ensure you’re ready for the challenges of the future.


Committed to a better planet

Beyond customers, you’re a partner in our mission – a family business defined by trust and purpose that puts people before profit.

Our commitment over time sets us apart; maintaining the highest standards, supporting you when you need it, exemplified by quality partnerships with prestigious organisations right across the world.


Trusted by 850+ organisations across 30 countries, including governments, NGOs, private companies.


Our team consists of over 700 professionals, including scientists, engineers and developers from 35 nations.


Access to 3,000,000+ stations with time series data worldwide.

Just a few of our close partners and clients who trust us


Meet our experts

At KISTERS, our team consists of over 700 professionals, including scientists, engineers and developers from 35 nations.

Benefit from the expertise of individuals with over 60 years of dedication to solving environmental challenges by listening to what they have to say.

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