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E-world 2024: Implementing the energy transition instead of waiting

13 December 2023

KISTERS supports energy supply companies and industry with IT solutions on the road to climate neutrality.

Press release: Aachen, 13 December 2023.

Image: At E-world 2024, KISTERS AG will be presenting IT solutions that energy suppliers and industry can use to pave the way for the intelligent use of renewable energies, as well as cloud-based solutions for all market roles – both for optimising day-to-day business and for future business models. (Source: KISTERS)

Against the backdrop of political goals such as decarbonisation, heat transition, climate neutrality and CO2 reduction, energy suppliers and industry are looking for ways to integrate and use renewable energies in their supply and production systems as cost-effectively as possible. The flexibilisation of the consumption side down to individual units at the low-voltage level opens up new scope for action and is also being driven forward by legal requirements such as the amendment to Section 14a of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG). This obliges all grid operators to monitor their low-voltage grids and dynamically control certain consumers from 1 January 2024.
In this context, the IT provider for the energy industry KISTERS will be presenting at E-world 2024, among other things, a tried-and-tested AI-supported complete solution for flexibilising consumers in the low-voltage grid, software for identifying cost- and CO2-optimised options for action and for uncovering efficiency potential in the industry, and a control system-independent, cross-role solution for redispatching to maintain grid stability (Redispatch 2.0). The focus is also on IT solutions for trading and procurement, which support short-term trading and schedule/nomination management, among other things, as well as cloud-based software for all market roles.
“We want to help energy supply companies to join us in paving the way for the intelligent use of renewable energy and helping to slow down climate change. We also offer them solutions that enable them to handle their day-to-day business efficiently and automatically, especially in the face of increasing data volumes and processes,” says Dr Markus Probst, Head of Energy Sales at KISTERS.

IT security is a top priority for KISTERS solutions. In view of the ever-increasing number of CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), the company consistently relies on rapidly deliverable software with container technology in order to close security gaps in the shortest possible time and provide the best possible protection for customer systems.

Implement §14a EnWG quickly

The KISTERS solution for flexibility management is ready to go quickly with the early adopter offer in the KISTERScloud, so that grid operators can implement the requirements promptly and with a low barrier to entry and, on this basis, gradually expand their system as the smart meter rollout progresses. As the only solution available on the market, the KISTERS solution has already proven itself in many years of practical use on smart meter data abroad and covers the entire process for grid operators and metering point operators.

Fast time-to-market and low operating costs with cloud solutions

All energy solutions are available as KISTERScloud variants with high, certified security standards and a high degree of flexibility for customers. The web-based provision of the solution relieves customers of IT investments and operational support from their own staff. “More and more customers are deciding to migrate their IT solution to the KISTERScloud and are having very good experiences with it,” reports Dr Probst.

Highly automated redispatch solutions

With the AI-supported KISTERS solution for Redispatch 2.0, grid operators and system operators work with the same IT system via role-specific interfaces. This ensures consistency and efficiency. Third-party systems can be integrated thanks to the modular, control system-independent concept. The high degree of automation supports the required fast processes with low personnel deployment.

Fast processes between sales and retail

In view of volatile market prices, energy procurers often have to act at short notice while keeping an eye on long-term procurement strategies. KISTERS solutions such as the Short Term Cockpit for day-ahead and intraday trading, the Scheduling Cockpit for schedule/nomination management and the high-performance real-time aggregation of sales portfolios ensure efficient collaboration between sales and trading.

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