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Optimising the marketing of battery storage systems

19 March 2024

Additional revenue through the optimisation of battery storage systems on generation parks and energy systems of all sizes with KISTERS optimisation software

Press release: Aachen, 19th March 2024.

A battery storage system at a solar or wind farm gives operators the flexibility to market the electricity generated precisely when prices are high, instead of marketing it directly at the exact time of generation.Using the battery as skilfully and automatically as possible on several markets simultaneously generates additional revenue.This also applies to any other energy systems and portfolios in which surplus electricity can be temporarily stored in batteries, such as production systems in industry.

The optimisation software from Aachen-based IT service provider KISTERS AG supports operators of solar and wind parks both in the strategic investment decision as to which battery is the right one and in the daily operating decision as to how best to use the storage system in order to achieve the highest possible revenues on the markets.In the simplest application, KISTERS battery optimisation ensures that the electricity generated by the sun or wind is placed on the markets as profitably as possible.In more complex portfolios and energy systems, the optimisation solution shows the best operating modes for all storage systems, generators and consumers, e.g. with the aim of achieving the highest profit or the highest sustainability by using as much electricity from renewable energy sources as possible.The software calculates the optimum solution for the efficient operation of all assets from the integrated weather and price forecasts as well as from all legal, contractual and procedural boundary conditions of a system.

“Battery storage systems not only enable higher revenues on the markets, but also make your own electricity-consuming processes more flexible in larger systems. We are happy to provide interested parties with a potential analysis of their system in advance,” says Dr Olaf Syben, Head of Optimisation and Energy Analytics at KISTERS.


Making greater use of renewable energies, advancing the energy transition, mitigating the effects of climate change – that is our passion and our motivation. As a pioneer in the intelligent use of renewable energy, we develop digital solutions with more than 750 employees to help us use our planet’s resources more responsibly. Our portfolio for the energy industry includes tried-and-tested software for energy data and portfolio management, metering and metering point operation, energy trading and sales, forecasting, virtual power plants and smart grids/control technology. More than 750 companies from the energy sector and industry rely on KISTERS software.

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