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Environmental monitoring

A wide range of market-leading instruments to continuously monitor water, weather & the environment.

Hardware for environmental monitoring and the internet of things

In addition to software solutions, we specialise in top-of-the-range hydrometeorological instruments, sensors, towing systems and cableways, ensuring precise water and weather measurements. Our extended range includes state-of-the-art environmental monitoring solutions for water, snow and hail using advanced sensors, data loggers and IoT technology.

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Solution benefits


Get WMO quality sensor data

Collect accurate and precise data


Benefit from durable, low maintenance sensors

Install devices that endure harsh conditions worldwide


Choose your own maintenance technicians

No proprietary limits on maintenance & testing services


Enhance with accessories

Add heaters, guards, pulleys, weights, lines & more


Easily implement turnkey solutions

Opt for our integrated sensors and software


Order customised solutions

Meet unique needs with our engineering & fabrication staff

How it works

After identifying your goals and monitoring site considerations, explore our product portfolio and speak with our seasoned consultants for a fully-informed selection and quote.

Select sensors
Deploy sensors
Transmit data
Access data & get alerts
Maintain & calibrate sensors
Hardware components from KISTERS

Choose from a wide range of environmental hardware products

Trusted by government agencies, private companies, NGOs, scientists and farmers worldwide, our monitoring equipment ensures a seamless flow of accurate data in challenging conditions, easily integrated with reliable systems for quality control, visualisation, analysis and decision support.

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Product portfolio highlights

  • WMO quality weather and precipitation sensors

    WMO quality weather and precipitation sensors

    A range of reliable and accurate tipping bucket rain gauges, weighing principle precipitation gauges, multi-parameter weather sensors, and an unprecedented hail sensor are available.

    Associated accessories include heaters for cold and even alpine regions, as well as bird and wind guards as monitoring sites may require.

    Calibration devices for field and lab use are offered.

    If you’re unable to find a commercially available product that meets your needs, KISTERS designs and manufactures tailor-made solutions for your use case in meteorology and hydrology.

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    Meteorology products
  • Proven water flow and water level devices

    Proven water flow and water level devices

    Our portfolio contains electro-mechanical current meters in standard size and miniaturised models which use either fan or cup type current propellers. Increasingly popular are the non-contact radar discharge measurement systems. And for specialist applications, several models of tipping bucket flow gauges are at hand.

    Appropriate accessories such as electronic counters and wading rods are available. A range of positioning and towing systems for current meters or acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCPs) enable more safety for staff taking measurements.

    In addition, our portfolio of precision water level sensors includes radar level sensors, level pressure sensors with full temperature compensation, float operated absolute shaft encoders, and maintenance-free, desiccant-free, self-contained compressor systems and bubblers. Accurate surface water and groundwater level data are transmitted via several outputs (RS232, 4-20mA or SDI-12). These rugged devices are designed with low-maintenance demand.

    Available accessories include large volume gas chamber orifices, float pulleys, counterweights, beaded lines, and more.

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    Water Flow products Water Level products
  • Single and multi-parameter water quality probes

    Single and multi-parameter water quality probes

    Our water quality monitoring devices are perfectly fit for natural water, drinking water, wastewater and other various industrial applications. Single probes and multi-parameter probes include radiometers, photometers and fluorometers.

    KISTERS also engineers and manufactures tailor-made monitoring systems like the iBox Water Quality. The robust fully configured all-in-one solution combines several water quality sensors to measure nitrate, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), algae / Chlrophyll-a (Chl-a), cyanobacteria / Phycocyanin, turbidity, pH, etc. and an iRIS 270 datalogger for data transmission.

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    Water Quality products
  • Sediment Sampling

    Sediment Sampling

    Choose from a selection of manually- or winch-deployed depth-integrating sediment samplers, bedload samplers, rising stage samplers, and accessories.

    KISTERS samplers are based on designs developed by the United States Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project (FISP).

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    Sediment Sampling products
  • On-farm agrimet and irrigation monitoring system

    On-farm agrimet and irrigation monitoring system

    Set up this easy-to-use, complete monitoring system to monitor weather, irrigation water use, and support decisions for optimal crop growth.

    Engineered for the modern farmer, FieldRay harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), combining industry-leading soil moisture and weather sensors, data loggers, and mobile-friendly software.

    FieldRay gives growers easy access to data from anywhere 24/7 to visualise water uptake from the soil.

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    Discover FieldRay
  • Calibration & certification services

    Calibration & certification services

    Periodic calibration ensures the reliability of data you measure. Certificates attest to quality assurance (QA) processes, ensuring traceable and auditable documentation.

    Calibration and certification services for mechanical current meters; tipping bucket rain gauges; pressure sensors; and hail sensors. Some field calibration devices are available. In most cases, factory calibration is recommended on an annual basis for optimal performance in situ.

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    Calibration & Certification services
  • Plug-and-play sensors compatible with KISTERS software

    Plug-and-play sensors compatible with KISTERS software

    KISTERS sensors and software connect seamlessly to support end-to-end environmental monitoring, gathering data in the field and delivering it to you for real-time access, alerts and decisive actions. Be sure you know what’s going on in your network anytime and anywhere.

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