WISKI Server

In WISKI server, the modeled data processing and analysis steps run fully automatic. The stored business logic is executed in a controlled way without you, and is transparently accessible even for other applications via the server interface.

Calculations and evaluations

Data imports, plausibility checks, water level flow calculation, generation of new main value time series etc. are configured with the WISKI agents and completely executed on arrival of new data. The WISKI agent concept is modular and adaptable to the individual needs so that you achieve the highest possible degree of automation in data processing.

The quality codes of the measured values are an important key to automation. With the definition of a minimum required quality you can select which data may be used for the further process steps.

Besides plausibilty checks and calculation of derived time series, WISKI Server provides advanced statistical analysis: calculation of trends, high and low flow statistics, heavy rain evaluation, analysis of double sums and duration curves -  these analyzes are most commonly used.

Calculations and evaluations can be expanded with the KISTERS scripting language.

Integration over clear interfaces

Open systems are clearly easier to integrate. The interfaces to WISKI Server are fully documented and support modern software development languages such as JAVA, C++ and dotNet. Besides access to the server functions, measured data can be conveniently shared in open data exchange standards such as WaterML2.0, xHydro, WDTF and also the in-house KISTERS ML.

User Management

Open systems must be safe. With the WISKI user administration access rights for each user structure can be efficiently defined and applied. WISKI Server provides matrices of functionality and data sets that can be crossed with the respective rights. Authentication services such as LDAP are supported.