Rating Curves Editor


With a Clear Overview of Complex Processes

KISTERS’ rating curve editor (SKED) combines the experience of rating curve experts from around the world. SKED generates solutions and workflows for natural flow cross sections (e.g. in compliance with the “Pegelvorschrift” (the German Manual for Water Level Gauging and Discharge Measurements) and standard cross sections (e.g. in compliance with British Standards, USGS methods). Even complex tasks, such as solutions according to the stage-fall method or hysteresis are easily solved with SKED.

SKED does not only generate stage-discharge relationships, but also operates generally on the basis of source and target parameters.

SKED also proves useful in the construction of storage capacity curves.

SKED rating curve management is based on the proven WISKI station model. Any number of rating curves and versions can be generated and managed for a station and its associated parameters.

Maintain the rating curve history and let SKED and WISKI know which rating curve should be used to determine the discharge for specific time ranges. Rating curves can either border seamlessly, or have defined cross over areas.

Let SKED do the calculations. You can set regression ranges (bordering or overlapping) and select an appropriate regression process for each area. Select from:

  • Linear regression
  • Power law function (solution via logarithms or according to the Lauffer procedure)
  • Shifted power law function (solution via logarithms or according to the Lauffer procedure)
  • Logarithmic regression
  • Polynomial of 1st to 5th order
  • Exponential function

Uwe Haß
Uwe Haß