Ressource Optimisation


... for an optimised system

ResOpt offers advanced technology to achieve optimum results from a plurality of resource interactions for energy and water resources.

ResOpt is the optimisation software for all participants in the energy and water resources sectors, from generators to energy supply and public utility companies, right through to energy intensive industry players and large water users and manufacturing facilities. ResOpt optimally plans out structures, resource streams, portfolios and systems, and plans the management of energy and water resources in a multi-stream and multi-market environment with the clear goals of;

  • increasing profit
  • reducing costs
  • protecting resource streams and
  • avoiding emissions.

Change complexity to Efficiency

Turbines, pumping stations, reservoirs, desalination plants, water treatment plants, canals, pipelines: an enormous multitude further complicated by short, medium and long term effects operating in deviating directions – the potential for cost saving, increased profit and resource conservation strains the limits of human cognition. BelVis ResOpt optimises the complete system. The result:

  • increased operating efficiency
  • greater added value from the own system and portfolio, higher profit contributions, lower costs
  • best possible, secure and rapid decisions on plant management, resource and contract planning, as well as planning of trade activities.

ResOpt considers e. g. level limits, characteristics of the components involved, the individual characteristics of the systems to be optimised, reservoir limits, water quality, cost of production and transport, various boundary conditions, planning horizons, current price, etc.

Your Advantages

The results consists of various elements including a management plan to optimise plant operation. These plans include details such as control values for gates and valves on water storages or canals. Using these ResOpt plans, the systems can be controlled automatically.

Experience shows that optimisation software has a very short ROI.

Dr. Günter Stock<br/>Head of Optimisation Solutions
Dr. Günter Stock
Head of Optimisation Solutions
+49 2408 9385-235