Water Quality


Because quality matters: WISKI Water Quality Module WQM

European water quality regulations were redefined with the passing of the European Framework Water Directive (EWFD). In accordance with the stipulations of EWFD, integrative river area management has become the main focus in forward-looking water management.

The protection and improvement of aquatic ecosystems and the sustained advancement of our bodies of water are the main goals of the EWFD, and pose a great challenge for water management.

One of the deciding requirements in facing these challenges is robust analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, which can only be carried out by computer aided devices.

Important Features

  • Management of sample data: import, export, key list, parameter lists, comparison lists
  • load calculation
  • classification
  • water quality reports
  • water quality maps

Dr. Frank Schlaeger<br/>Senior project manager Senior consultant
Dr. Frank Schlaeger
Senior project manager Senior consultant