KISTERS' proprietary scripting language KiScript enables customers to adapt KISTERS software to their needs. For instance, KiScript allows you to produce personalised collections of results in custom-made reports or to integrate KISTERS software into existing workflows.

KiScript facilitates the access to all time series and meta data. These data can then be used for a wide range of purposes. Typical applications include custom-made reports, programming of specific data transformation equations and algorithms, and specific data imports and exports.

In addition, you can use KiScript to specify your own calculation routines (i.e. your algorithms for time series calculations) and create company-specific reports and yearbooks. KiScript can also be used for script operations that help you to automise and simplify your workflow.

Advantages in a nutshell

  • Easy to learn and to apply
  • Secure access to KiTSM data
  • Supports universal programming
  • Specialised on special tasks (calculation agents, reporting system)
  • High level of security during system-critical operations


  • Default reports
  • Customer reports
  • Yearbook creation

Michael Natschke<br/>Water Products Management
Michael Natschke
Water Products Management