Radar Data Management


Measuring and forecasting rainfall using radar hydrometeorology

CALAMAR is a software system that provides real-time measurement and short-term forecasting of rainfall on each square kilometre of a given area covered by radar hydrometeorology.

CALAMAR is a genuine decision-making tool; combined with probabilistic (risk indicator) or deterministic (rainfall flow) models, it enables forecasting of rainstorms which is sufficiently accurate to allow time to act in-field.

Key Advantages

  • Precision: radar data calibrated using rainfall data from homogeneous zones,
  • Reliability: system chosen by flood prevention agencies in the most exposed Mediterranean regions.
  • Security: redundancy of radar data acquisition resources, detection of faulty raingauges,
  • Transparency: the procedure was patented in 1992; it is thus clearly described and has been the subject of many  publications.
  • Geared to operational requirements: CALAMAR forecasting enables sufficient anticipation of events to allow operational personnel time to respond (1-3 hours).
  • Many references in France (Flood Forecasting Agencies, Towns and Urban Districts, Départements, etc) and in the USA.


KISTERS CALAMAR offers comprehensive and market-proven functions for the calibration of raw data and precise prediction forecasts.

During real time operation, every five minutes CALAMAR supplies the amount of precipitation fallen over a certain area.

Offline, CALAMAR can be used for detailed analyses of precipitation events. Results are shown in clearly-structured tables and graphs.


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Christoph Schweim