Flow Measurement


BIBER is a discharge measurement application you can use both in the field and in the office. BIBER provides all necessary functions for direct collection of discharge measurement data through a field computer and for manual collection and evaluation of the flow measurement data in the office. In the field, BIBER works with all common measuring devices. The wireless transmission of current meter impulse measurements to the field computer is an excellent example of the flexibility offered by BIBER.

Measurement procedures and data collection

Simply define your cross section, and BIBER will provide any required amount of bank points, verticals and depth measurement. Even complex measurement cross sections can be displayed effortlessly. You can specify a main measurement procedure for the entire cross section in order to facilitate rapid data collection. BIBER also allows for changes in the set measurement procedure for selected verticals. You can select from the following procedures:

  • One-point measurement
  • Two-point measurement
  • Two-point Kreps measurement
  • Three-point measurement
  • Five-point measurement
  • Six-point measurement
  • Multi-point measurement
  • Integration measurements

Device management

The BIBER device manager facilitates clear and simple management of sensors, current meters and their calibration equations as well as counters. You can configure your current meter from a selection of propellers, current meter bodies and centre pieces. Simply enter your calibration equations and leave the continuity control to BIBER. Besides NAUTILUS (by OTT) and FLO-MATE (by Marsh McBirney) sensors, BIBER is able to configure and manage sensors from any manufacturer.

Important features

  • Sampling management Import and export of sampling data, WQM key list, parameter lists and comparison lists
  • LIMS interface
  • Load calculation
  • Classification
  • Water quality reports
  • Water quality maps

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Michael Natschke
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