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The need for measurement data for a variety of purposes steadily increases. Simultaneously, many organisations are now generating immense amounts of data of increasingly good quality. The internet now offers the ideal basis to bring together supply and demand in a simple manner.

Multidisciplinary Internal and Public Information Platforms as well as Multi-Provider Regional Data Portals...

... offer easy and reliable access to up-to-date and quality-controlled data bases directly from the source, without the need to know a variety of different formats, data structures and presentation forms. Advantages of shared use of the data for planning, routine monitoring, extreme event management, or educational research can easily and quickly be realised.

Web-based Technologies and Open Standards

New web technologies and open standards for data exchange have enabled the creation of web-based data hubs that provide a central archive of licensed and free data in a catalogued manner. Freely accessible meta data are the basis for cataloguing.
A professional web-based archiving tool can process and subsequently make hydrological data available via the Internet. To do this, it uses open standards such as WaterML 2.0 or SOS. Proprietary formats can be supported. This effective combination can be added to existing data archives for time series data and is a fast and efficient method for querying and disseminating data.

Solutions Using KISTERS Technology