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New: KISTERS Water-Portal – Easy-to-use, fast web applications

KISTERS launches the next generation of water data management: Easy to use web applications that are straight designed for end users who do not use the WISKI Desktop application daily or in its full depths. These apps are deployed through the Water Portal Framework which realises secure data access and operation according to the proven user roles and permission principles.


Information & individual dashboards straight to the point of the end users

Less clicks, intuitive language and reduced information density on the screen are among the core aspects that we considered in the design of the water viewer apps (for hydrology, meteorology, water quality, amongst others).

Interactive maps with geo-location option and real time data filters enable stakeholders to find their data of interest within a couple of seconds. The user can access current data - no matter if in raw state or validated - in station detail apps he can launch from the map.

In order to save navigation time, each user can create his own dashboards, e.g. with maps and map extends, simple and advanced time series charts and graphics, derived data products, and statistical results.

Interactive workflows and routines designed for the browser

The KISTERS Water Portal offers a secure framework for outsourcing daily routines into the browser, e.g. validating the data consistency hourly, determining the percentage of missing data, identifying the series with the longest gap in the group, or checking the consistency of the last time series’ value. A very time saving feature!

Dr. Stefan Fuest<br/>Product Management GIS & WEB
Dr. Stefan Fuest
Product Management GIS & WEB
+49 2408 9385-176
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