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Internet of Things:
New Technology to Determine Rainfall Intensity from Photos

SmartRAIN is a new patented image-processing technology - developed by the Italian start-up WaterView - for measuring rainfall intensity from images shot during rain events. It is the core of an integrated IoT system: Off-the-shelf imaging devices (like smartphones or public IP cameras) build a network for rainfall measuring with very high spatial density.

Increasing the density of traditional rain gauging networks would

  • importantly enhance the quality of real-time representations of rain events,
  • feed forecasting models with better data,
  • enable the implementation of optimal stormwater management strategies,
  • improve the safety of urban and transport infrastructures, and
  • reduce the costs of unmanaged events.

Many institutions can benefit from a real-time rain gauging service based on SmartRAIN, e.g. public bodies in charge of civil protection duties, entities that own or manage transport infrastructures, agencies that own or manage rain gauging networks, managers of urban drainage systems.

KISTERS is testing the SmartRAIN technology

In November we installed a camera with IP connection and light on the KISTERS FieldLab next to the rain gauging station. The camera takes pictures every minute and sends them to WaterView via internet. There, the images are analysed and transformed to rainfall intensity information. KISTERS is going to compare the SmartRAIN values with the measuring values from the close-by measuring station.

We are going to report on the test results here in the Water News.


[Further information on the SmartRAIN project, co-financed by EASME]

[Further information on our partner WaterView]

Edgar Wetzel<br/>Sales Manager
Edgar Wetzel
Sales Manager
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