Information about the Dangerous Goods

Regulations including ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG, GGVSE and more - information on the Dangerous Substances Ordinances for all carriers plus national regulations - are electronically searchable for practical application in planning and control processes: a KISTERS core competence combined with made-to-measure TRANSEC software will realise faultless and fully compliant trade and efficient hazardous substances checks at up to 2,500 workstations. Half of the workstations of the German Federal Office For Goods Transport (BAG), federal police, and federal trade supervisory boards are currently equipped with TRANSEC. 

Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods

An absolutely reliable information basis has become necessary to realise a complete and correct compliance with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods. Computer-based information systems offer the required support and services:

  • fast and save application of the laws
  • material data are permanently updated
  • complete law texts processed for electronic search
  • same interpretation of such laws by supervisors and carriers
  • decision aids for the change between carriers

TRANSEC, the information system for the safe transport of dangerous goods does fulfill the required tasks. The laws and regulations concerning dangerous goods are sorted according to substance and transport, containing all ordinance texts.

TRANSEC integrates the statutory provisions into the internal procedures, thus saving time and costs. It checks whether regulations are to be considered for the special goods to be transported. Internal controls and checks on the road are facilitated by checklists. TRANSEC provides data for overviews, balances and statistics. The transport is optimized and in accordance with laws. A high degree of safety is given by the current legal texts which are completely saved here. The availability of the entire information on the laws for dangerous goods makes it possible to meet the requirements. Penalty notices due to improper transport of dangerous goods are avoided. Furthermore, the TRANSEC data stock can be integrated into existing EDP systems and product databases.

Roland Wiesner