Datendarstellung im Internet

BelVis WEB

The Shop Window for the End Customer.

Your bulk customers always want exact consumption figures, but without the hassle or complexity of special software, a BelVis Client, or a database. This is the value added by BelVis WEB, because what could be more natural these days than online visualisation and data retrieval?

Of course, this is not necessarily true across the board for every customer and without any monitoring. Access can be set up on your web server for selected customers and selected extraction points.

Made-to-measure information services.

Using BelVis Web, you are able to offer your bulk customers made-to-measure information services to provide a rapid overview of their own usage behaviour, for both power and gas!

  • Daily, monthly and annual consumption figures can be selected in the form of time series graphs and summary tables.
  • Display of usage data is available in a range of time levels (year, month, day), in different resolutions (15 minutes, daily values) and separated by low and high tariff.
  • Customers with more than one extraction point are allocated “Regrouped Extraction Point” time series and aggregations.
  • For the purpose of further processing, the data is available for download in standard Excel TXT and CSV formats.

Pure security

BelVis WEB supports security through password protection and logging. You are responsible, after all, to ensure that a customer of the municipal utility company obtains access to their data and to their data only.

Markus Mertesacker
Markus Mertesacker
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