Time Series Monitor

BelVis TMO

Data monitoring with BelVis TMO

BelVis TMO (Time Series Monitor) allows you to check and monitor input data, for example to compare forecasts with real values, as a part of daily monitoring tasks. The data is read periodically – under the control of a timer – from the database and displayed as a load profile graph. The automatically sliding display area ensures always shows the current value.

Customisable data monitoring

BelVis TMO features a range of configuration options: the user may select which time series should be displayed in which form, how often the data should be updated, which additional information should be visible, and much more, as described below.

Individual configuration of the display range

In BelVis TMO, the screen is divided into up to 64 areas (tiles), the number and size of which may be configured as desired. The user can reorder these tiles using the mouse, move graphs to another tile, and thus also display multiple graphs on a single tile, among many other functions.

The number of tiles in the x and y directions is freely configurable.
Double-clicking on a tile switches from tile view to full screen display. The user can use a slider to change the size of the tiles, and the slider – as well as the axes and tile headings – can also be shown or hidden as necessary.

It is also possible to insert and edit graph elements. Additional display elements, such as minima and maxima, may also be shown. The current measured value is displayed numerically.

Automation using the timer

The timer, which controls the periodic reload of the database, is freely configurable, as is the time interval in the graph. The icons in the toolbar or the arrow buttons on the keyboard are used to scroll inside the time series display.

It is also possible to jump to and directly display a particular time, or the last value retrieved from the database. The timer will be automatically deactivated, and can be reactivated after a configurable period of time.

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