Power Plant Management

BelVis PPM

Energy Data Management for Energy Producers

BelVis PPM is the Energy Data Management system for power plant operators.
It enables the entire energy cycle to be mapped in time series, from generation right through to the supply terminals in the transmission or distribution networks, thus supporting the entire process:

  • Remote meter reading
  • Validation and adjustment of load profile data
  • Calculation of derived power and energy time series as required by the
    market partners
  • Provision of a traceable and auditproof basis for adjusting the fi nancial
    balance between the energy ordered and the energy supplied

Main functions of BelVis PPM

  • Flexible Energy Data Management System
  • Configurable and automated substitute value formation
  • Status Report
  • Powerful Time Series Graphics
  • Automated and Tamper-Proof Further Processing
  • Audit-Proof Archiving System
  • Flexible Reporting System and Automated Data Transmission