BelVis Industry

BelVis Industry

Absolute Specialist for Operating Data Management at Industrial Locations.

BelVis Industry benefi ts from the high level of performance of one of the leading software systems in the power industry. BelVis Industry and BelVis Energy work with shared components, complemented by specific business process modules. Together, they cover the comprehensive requirements of the market. KISTERS has successfully pursued the component software route for years and, despite the changing face of the markets, is able to offer companies a high degree of operational reliability without sacrificing flexibility.

Energy Data Management (EDM) is at the core. The BelVis Industry EDM module is specifically tailored, in terms of time series arithmetic methods, to processing the diverse range of mass variables and properties common in industry. Its implementation of virtual metering points allows free and highly fl exible views of meter data. Add-on modules for cost centre management and sales document positions complete the specification for a genuine industrial EDM system.

Operating data management for site operators

The essential tasks of an Energy Data Management system on an industrial estate are linking operating data for analysis, accounting and billing, as well as generating automatic reports. The operating and energy data required for this is transferred from upstream systems, administered and analysed. Ultimately it is a matter of energy balance, materials balance, assignment of data to systems, and ongoing calculation of key data. Both current and historical data is reported in graphs and tables. The automated generation facility relieves personnel of this task. After appropriate formatting, the imported data is relayed to the billing section. IT support for these complex tasks is in line with the integrated component concept at the heart of BelVis, and requires a highly a scalable system.

Energy data management and more.

The top performance feature is time series management, based on the familiar KISTERS time series technology. The system features integrated client administration to manage decentralised customers on an industrial estate, which may even be regionally distributed. The time series arithmetic is designed for the diversity of media, mass variables, units and properties typically encountered in industry.

A quantity-oriented formula interpreter is included to generate free and highly fl exible views. In this way the formulae access their operands depending on the validity/availability period of data objects, and do not require continual adjustment in this respect.

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