Customer Value Management

BelVis AnKa-fix

Customer Value Management for Energy Utilities

Customer value is the determining variable in Customer Value Management. BelVis AnKa-fix is the central tool for customer-based profit management. The foundation of BelVis AnKa-fix is a multi-level sector and time series based amount of coverage calculation over individual customers and customer groups, with views on profits and costs, all summarised in a customer database. Customer Value Management with BelVis AnKa-fix meets the requirements for a flexible database system for modern, unbundling compliant energy companies. 

BelVis AnKa-fix Forecast extends forecasts based on BelVis EDM and BelVis PRO with, for example, spectral analyses with extremely high forecast quality and 3D comparisons of load profiles and forecasts. The BelVis AnKa-fix Non-PM package is the foundation for calculations not based on time series.

BelVis AnKa-fix is ideally suited for:

  • Identify valuable customers
  • Recognise customer potential
  • Conclusive customer differentiation
  • Develop sales strategies
  • Increase competitive ability
  • Optimise sales processes

Your advantages with BelVis AnKa-fix

  • multi-level sector and time series based amount of coverage calculation
  • display both historical and future customer developments
  • Automatic offer calculations
  • Creation of business plans
  • Calculation of special-tariff customers
  • Forecast and analysis of load profiles
  • Creation of scenarios for procurement costs

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