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Communication in Smart Metering: Advanced Meter Communication

Metering service providers and metering point operators can rely on one universal software tool for seamless Smart Metering operations, for bi-directional communication with Smart Meters and gateways from a variety of manufacturers, and for add-on services for their end customers. Prerequisites:

  • A reliable, mass data-capable communication centre
  • Bi-directional interface connections with various multi-utility meters and gateways, and automatic interlinking with centrally stored master data
  • Transparent routing of metering data, events and commands from and to meters

The BelVis AMI centre is the central hub for all information sent to and from virtually any type of connected metering devices and dataloggers. All requirements for the market role 'Metering Service Provider' can therefore be fulfilled via one single market communication interface.

Karlo Schulze Dieckhoff
Karlo Schulze Dieckhoff
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