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Support Energy Market Systems

KISTERS AG provides its customers a comprehensive service in matters of attendance and care which can be adapted to any of Your optional requirements. Our detailed supply of services is:

1. Service Desk

This standard service enables its user to address questions, requirements or support of any kind regarding our software products to our experts. We also offer a specific BugZilla System ( which is a standardized serial interface where our service team is present 24 hours a day.

By our central telepone number (-340) you will reach our service team personally during the official business hours of the KISTERS AG (08:00 - 17:00).

You are welcome to pose your request via Email as well (support-ui(at) Please take some delay of treatment into account due to the high effort.

2. Installation and Update

If you decide to charge KISTERS to manage the installations and updates of our professional systems we will set the software modules all from planning until commissioning. Just use the interface of our service desk.

3. KISTERS Database Support

You need more Know How in matters of professional attendance and care of your database system? You desire to invest your engagement in more important subjects? Due to a specific Database Care Contract we take all the attendance and care of your systems. If you have further questions feel free to call the service team of your service desk.

How do we work?

We always work focussed and process-oriented. Thus, we have the possibility to measure our efficiency and to optimize it, if needed.

If you use our BugZilla Access and phrase your request in a concrete, practible way (don´t forget the needed additional information!) our service team will be able to gather und attend it immediately.

Christoph Roenick<br/>Sales Manager
Christoph Roenick
Sales Manager
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Holger Bremen
Piotr Biskup
Karsten Scholl
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Ingo Schniertshauer
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