Control Technology

A New Era for Network Control Technology

When it comes to control technology used for energy supply, traffic control or environmental technology, the same axiom applies: Simple is best. But when we take into account the complexity of tasks, functionalities and structures of network control systems, some pretty complex technology is needed to make your job simple. The actual quality of such technology is mirrored in the clarity and transparency with which complex tasks are visualised and controlled, thus allowing the user to concentrate on important issues and still remain firmly in full control.

Control technology is an integral part of the design of intelligent power networks. Smart Grids are the way forward in terms of finding the right balance between power generation and consumption, providing high network stability and supply reliability, minimising energy losses, increasing energy independence, and providing overall energy and cost-efficient network operations. The information and communication integration of central and decentralised generators, next generation storage options and controllable consumers form the basis for the systematic optimisation of the entire energy system. With the support of suitable software tools, intermittent generation will be combined with reliable forecast systems and conventional generators to support grid and supply stability.

Demands on traditional tasks of power system management continue to increase, as grid monitoring, control and fault processing become increasingly complex.

Network control technology for the new challenges posed by Smart Grids and traditional power system management must be based on decades of experience and the power of innovation.

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