Efficiency in Your Daily Routine

The energy market is constantly changing: Network infrastructures, market processes, participants’ responsibilities and tasks are changing as a result of new regulations, technological developments and increasing adoptions of ICT solutions. Using suitable processing and analysing software, data acquired with intelligent meters provide multiple new opportunities for analysis and control and can be used for new "smart" applications.

Energy data management and market communication are the basic tasks to be fulfilled by every market player. However, there are some new developments: Forecasting is becoming increasingly important, particularly with regard to the integration of volatile renewable energies. Energy efficiency and optimisation are also playing an increasingly important role. They require accurate modelling of complex portfolios, power plant assets or virtual power plants.

With a view on future Smart Grids, control technology is also facing new tasks. As networks become increasingly software-controlled, stability, security of supply and the balancing of demand and supply are now becoming feasible.

KISTERS offers a comprehensive, market-compliant software portfolio, that can be adapted to individual needs. This covers all tasks of the energy market, including components for energy data management, control technology, forecasting, meter data management, switch processes, reserve capacities, optimisation and smart energy.

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