Smart Market

New opportunities for innovative enterprises.

Demand Response Management 

Participation in the new Demand Response Market requires energy data management and optimisation in the area of demand response and the capture and administration of various industrial loads and their relevant forecasts. Where the aim is to generate additional profits in the minute reserve market, targeted load management and possibly the management of a minute reserve pool are required.

eMobility Management

Companies looking to act as complete solution providers for eMobility (incl. electric cars, charge infrastructure, charge balancing, energy data management, billing preparation), face challenges of energy data management, charge balancing, roaming and clearing. The management of a minute reserve pool would be an optional addition for profit generation.

Virtual power plants/ power generation

The mostly volatile small generators of renewable energies are run more efficiently, more economically and in a more environmentally friendly manner when combined into a virtual power plant controlled centrally via one network control room. The complexity of the factors and processes to be taken into consideration requires software for the economically optimised administration and operation of the virtual power plant, while taking into consideration forecasts and consumption requirements. The resource optimisation software BelVis ResOpt is the high-performance 'brain' of virtual power plants in the Smart Grid.

With KISTERS energy data management software and control systems innovative enterprises can successfully establish new business cases.

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