Smart Grid / Micro Grid

Smart Grid Management

Distributed generators, energy storages and consumers participating into the market create an increasingly complex environment, where distribution system operators are responsible for securing a highly efficient infrastructure with disruption and outage intelligence, self-healing capabilities and high supply reliability. In addition there are new tasks such as: 

    • capacity constraints for wind energy systems
    • integration of virtual power plants for local grid support
    • extended reserve pooling for minute and secondary reserves
    • integration of eMobility

    Within the scope of the Smart Grid Management System (SGMS), control systems monitor, optimise and redirect increasingly complex load flows. Complex modelling and optimisation technologies like load forecasting and load flow calculation are fully integrated for an intelligent distribution system that is able to control and balance itself. KISTERS control technology puts network operators on top of their tasks.

    The advantages include:

    • The system operator has full control over the state of the grid at all times.
    • The multitude of individual components is managed and controlled safely and efficiently.
    • Improved network control results in improved system efficiency, reliability and quality.
    • An optimised network load reduces technical losses.

    Micro Grid Management  

    The core characteristic of Micro Grids is their power autonomy, i.e. they are capable of operation both as an isolated network as well as in connection with a superordinate distribution system (Smart Grid). In autonomous operation, energy generation and consumption must be meaningfully balanced. In addition to the requirements of bidirectional communication between generators and consumers, a Micro Grid in autonomous mode places heavy demands on the control strategy, e.g. maintaining voltage and tolerance limits.

    Control systems coordinate participation of small generators and flexible consumers within the scope of the Micro Grid Management System (MGMS), and transform the micro grid into a reliable and closed supply area. It optimises costs within the micro grid and improves supply quality. KISTERS software supports the reliable operation of Micro Grids. KISTERS software ensures the reliable operation of Micro Grids.

    Christoph Roenick<br/>Sales Manager
    Christoph Roenick
    Sales Manager