Energy Sales: Creating Value.

Deregulation of the energy market has opened up new and highly complex value creation chains with sales, procurement and trade services, with increasing complexity due to the interplay of the various market participants. Efficient support from intelligent software therefore becomes invaluable for sustained business success. BelVis for Sales is ideally equipped for supporting your day-to-day business at all levels of value creation, and reinforces business decisions and verifications based on consistent and reliable data.

BelVis for Sales

BelVis for Sales offers data management capabilities and various functions needed for reliable sales load forecasting, load profile price calculations, customer switch management and data provision for customers. The tool integrates seamlessly in existing processes and realises continuous data flow - in other words: it forms the basis for productive business processes.

BelVis EDM handles all tasks related to real value recording (e.g. import of system operator messages), customer segmentation and forecasting, while BelVis AnKa-fix takes care of offer proposals and profit margin calculations. BelVis PFM creates schedules (extraction transactions) of volumes to be procured.

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Christoph Roenick
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