Procurement & Trade

Structured Procurement with Economy in Mind.

In today’s deregulated energy market, procurement and trade players in the power and gas sectors are under pressure to get a handle on their own procurement costs. When it comes to the management of own generation parks, the need for thinking in multi-commodity structures adds to the problem, as gas, CO2, and power requirements must be viewed as one in terms of the framework conditions of district heat supply. The options of various markets, like future, spot, intra-day and day-after trading or control energy should be utilised when economically viable, while taking into consideration their respective market rules. The purpose of generation portfolio management is to track the optimised overall profit margin. Utility companies, IPPs and industrial enterprises in particular will profit from the universal solution platform offered by the BelVis product family.

Portfolio Management with BelVis

Management of sales and trading portfolios, efficient transaction process handling and an active portfolio strategy which employs superior and powerful forecasting and analytical methods to turn an information advantage into a competitive advantage - all these tasks need the effective computer-supported portfolio management offered by BelVis.

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