IPP / Aggregator

Independent Power Producers

IPPs are companies that produce power for sale to electric utility companies, and focus solely on power generation, not on its retailing. Many IPPs grow by adding new facilities and services to their portfolio, and often bundle their resources in collective organisations to create a stronger basis for negotiations.

An independent power producer generally does not have any retailing operation and therefore depends on wholesale sales with electric utility companies.

For some EUCs it may be cheaper to purchase power from IPPs than generating own power or operating power plants, while others may only complement their portfolios with IPP power to meet changing customer demands. IPPs can increase their output temporarily to ensure sufficient power availability during high consumption times or while power plants are shut down for maintenance.

Independent power producers utilising BelVis Portfolio Management and BelVis ResOpt for resource optimisation will have their tasks fully under control - today and in the future.

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