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Telecontrol Technology

Status information, alarm messages, metered values, meter data, control commands, default target values and more must be communicated between decentralised operating locations and central control locations to monitor and control widely dispersed technical processes.

One key component here is telecontrol technology, which is widely used for the control and monitoring of technical processes in

  • Supply networks for power, gas, water, and district heating
  • Environmental protection
  • Wastewater processing and disposal
  • Pipelines
  • Traffic management
  • Industrial applications

State-of-the-art telecontrol technology can take care of a large variety of requirements in addition to its more traditional duties of data capture, transfer and output, including:

  • Low-cost compact stations and modular telecontrol systems cover any requirement in terms of data volumes and complexity.
  • Local pre-processing of the data to reduce communication loads
  • Decentralised automation tasks via SPC functions (switching sequences, lockouts, switching programs)
  • Decentralised storage and data logging (where required) in order to maintain safe network operation even if some transfer sections are compromised
  • Disposal of digital trip switches for operation-critical data and fault records
  • Implementation of international standard IEC 60870-5-101/-103 and 104 protocols for communication and trip switch disposal
  • Integrated connection interfaces for local fieldbus systems
  • Simple, user-friendly parameterisation and diagnostics for telecontrol devices for centralised and decentralised use via service PC or from the control centre

KISTERS provides telecontrol systems SAE netline FW-50 and FW-5 that are closely integrated with KISTERS control technology, and satisfy all these requirements and more.

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