Distribution System & Regional Network Operators / Multi-Utilities

Online Optimisation

Optimisation functions support optimised use of equipment and contracts.

In the power sector, load optimisation functions support the implementation of available consumers and generators, while optimising the economical deployment of associated resources in keeping with contractually agreed operating conditions. Ideally, optimisation will occur in 15 minute intervals, but can also be implemented for hourly or daily cycles.

In the gas sector, optimisation functions equalise gas procurement and prevent supply peaks. The functions detect and display excessive procurement volumes on the basis of prior forecast calculations. An optimisation should include daily, hourly, or combined contracts.

When an exceedance of the max. daily or hourly target volume is imminent, the system offers options on how to proceed:

  • Possible extraction volumes from storages
  • Infeed volumes from liquid gas systems
  • Switch-off volumes for switchable consumers

A consumer switch-off will help catch procurement peaks in daily consumption. Gas stores may help level out the daily and possibly also the weekly procurement time series. Liquid gas systems are generally used to cover procurement peaks.

The KISTERS control system ControlStar offers a range of sophisticated specialist optimisation processes for power and gas.

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