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Energy Data Management: Power

In today’s deregulated energy market, energy data management comprises all tasks from extraction to billing. Power management processes and algorithms in a mass data-capable software offer the level of support needed in day-to-day business transactions: metering data compilation from various sources, management of basic data and time series, plausibility checks, data analysis and visualisation, aggregation, balancing, and much more. Another key feature is the ability to access network use fee data and the support of a variety of forecasting methods.

Software for Energy Data Management

Mass data capability, perfectly coordinated performance and efficiency, high reliability, compliance with time requirements and full exploitation of the automation potential - these challenges can only be mastered on the back of extensive practical experience. BelVis EDM POWER harnesses the sum of our experience in one compelling product. More than 400 EDM installations across Europe rely on BelVis EDM POWER as its nerve centre today, with KISTERS earning the overall market leading position for energy data management in Germany.

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Christoph Josephs
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