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Archiving / Analysis / Evaluation

Over the past years, an increasing need for long-term archiving and processing of energy and process data has arisen in the sector for control technology. But not only users of the control centre should be able to access this information, which would be stored in a SCADA system - the data was to be shared with the administrative arm of the company.

In addition to same-day information regarding consumption, utilisation and processes, evaluations over longer periods of time were needed to allow for statistical views and highlight development trends. A system with extensive and flexible options was needed, which would allow the further processing of data, as well as the visualisation and reporting of analysis data for customers and management.

Energy Efficiency

An archiving system of this kind, offering extensive analysis and evaluation options, is on the wish-list for many companies today - specifically as part of an ongoing energy efficiency monitoring effort.

In many countries, requirements for energy management systems to systematically control and optimise energy consumption are on the rise, and can only be satisfied by archiving the consumption values of various business processes over several years to derive continuously current key figures. These key figures will help substantial progress, and will offer a basis on which further measures can be taken to increase energy efficiency. Key figures must be defined and determined on the basis of flexibly configurable calculation rules for every enterprise and every production process individually.

Standard layouts for key figures are pre-defined as part of a reporting system and populated automatically with latest data, which can be forwarded directly to the relevant office as needed.

KISTERS’ energy data management system with its automated capture of energy and process data therefore contributes significantly to ongoing improvement processes and increased energy efficiency.

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