Distribution System & Regional Network Operators / Multi-Utilities

Efficiency Potential for System Operators

The energy market is in constant flux: energy companies continuously face new market rules, requirements and directives, the implementation of which is costly. But that’s not all: aside from the ever changing conditions and added tasks, network operators must ensure continued safe operations, maintain interconnections with other networks and take care of reliable supply, while at the same time creating the framework conditions for the correct metering and billing of provided services for all market participants.

The volume of information to be shared is constantly increasing as well: general structural data, network-specific information, load and sales data, and of course information regarding profit and loss.

The implementation of new market rules and processes may be costly - increased transparency may, however, be the key to defining and utilising new potential. This is where energy data management systems come to the fore.

Network Operation with BelVis and KISTERS Control Technology

The volume of tasks can only be handled with the targeted use of perfectly coordinated and concise IT solutions. KISTERS offers two product lines for network operations, which, when run in tandem, will cover the entire scope of technical resource planning and control: KISTERS control technology paired with the energy data management system BelVis.

BelVis for the Operation of (Distribution) Networks

BelVis Network covers all energy data management requirements and is a comprehensive software suite for distribution network operators. Regulation framework and unbundling tasks are completed reliably: from meter readings to time series data management, and from analysis and further processing to billing preparation.

KISTERS Control Technology

KISTERS control technology measures, controls and monitors realtime processes. Control Star forms the implementation basis for mid-sized and large power and pipe network control systems for local or regional public utility companies and for transmission network operators, while ProCoS handles small to mid-sized power, pipe network, and specialist applications.

Christoph Roenick<br/>Sales Manager
Christoph Roenick
Sales Manager